British National Lottery Results For Saturday 28 May 2011


Grey Ferrari F430 Spider And Red 599 GTB In London


The results of last nights British National Lottery were:

02 – 03 – 17 – 23 – 40 – 43  Bonus: 31

There were two lucky lottery winners of the £4 400 000 jackpot – each receiving £2 200 000 of course – check your tickets!

Another 601 920 players shared a further £9 503 263 prize money, getting between £10 and £90 660 each.

The jackpot money available for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) presently stands at a useful £2 400 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 27 May 2011


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The results for last nights European lottery were as follows:

09 – 17 – 25 – 28 – 49  Lucky Stars: 08 – 09

Millionaire Raffle:



There was no winner of the £23 752 200 jackpot so once again it rolls over to the next draw on Tuesday. But there was a winner of the £1 000 000 Millionaire Raffle.

Of course there were lots of other winners:  3 202 881 of them, sharing a total prize money of £2 753 629.30 with prizes of between £2.50 and a very useful £149 598.10.

The jackpot total for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 31 May 2011 currently stands at £29 000 000.

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British National Lottery: Saving Stonehenge

There are few monuments in the world that are perhaps more recognizable than Stonehenge.

This prehistoric icon is visited by millions of people every year who come and wonder at the mysteries of this amazing site. And therein lies the problem.

The existing facilities at the monument are unable to cope with such huge numbers of visitors and need upgrading.

The British National Lottery, through the Heritage Lottery Fund, is providing £10 million to help with a complete redesign of the visitor experience.

The chair of English Heritage (who run the site) said, “We are tremendously grateful for this generous grant. Not only does it help to narrow the funding gap for the project considerably, it also sends out a message of confidence about the transformational benefits that the project will bring – to tourism, local economy, and the conservation and public enjoyment of Stonehenge and its landscape.”

The problem with Stonehenge is that it is not just the monument itself that is archeologically important but also the whole landscape surrounding it. The pressure of so many visitors is having its toll on the environment.

The new proposals take the crowds away from Stonehenge to a new visitor centre from where they will be transported in a special vehicle to the site.

In this way the British National Lottery is once more preserving an important part of ancient history.

Find out more about the proposed changes to Stonehenge on the English Heritage website.


British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 25 May 2011


Reflections On Emerald Lake, Mammoth Lakes, California


The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for Wednesday were:


07 – 08 – 17 – 30 – 46 – 48  Bonus: 34


The jackpot total in this draw of £2 400 000 went to one lucky player whose life will never be the same again!

Things have improved for another 296 196 players who won prizes of between £10 and a very useful £244 589 – their share of £5 007 697 prize money.

The jackpot total for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Saturday 28 May 2011 currently stands at £4 400 000.

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European Lottery Results For Tuesday 24 May 2011

View Of The Vatican, Italy


The Eurolottery results from last night were:


16 – 23 – 24 – 26 – 29 Lucky Stars: 02 – 09


Millionaire Raffle:



There was no winner of the £13 102 500 jackpot so this will roll over to Friday’s draw. One lucky player did win the £1 000 000 Millionaire Raffle however.

In addition to this, another 1 562 241 players took their share of £1 568 060.10 prize money with prizes of between £2.80 and £105 602.30.

The jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Friday 27 May 2011 presently stands at an amazing £23 000 000.

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British National Lottery: The Lottery Delivers For A Lorry Driver



Lorry drivers seem to have been lucky in lotteries recently. Matthew Breach of Battle in East Sussex, a 37-year old lorry driver, was a jackpot winner in the British National Lottery on Wednesday 9 March.

Rollovers are not necessarily what lorry drivers want to experience but in this case a triple rollover netted Matthew just short of £18 million.

He was out delivering aggregates on the Thursday when he checked his numbers. He thought he might have won but called his boss and asked him to check. HIs boss thought the whole thing was a practical joke but when he returned to the yard, Matthew asked him to call Camelot, the British National Lottery administrators, on his behalf, as he was nearly speechless himself.

Matthew left work early to tell his mother and sisters. He says, “I told my mum the news but then I had a short nap to clear my head before I went to see my sisters. I’ve been in a bit of a daze since then to be honest.”

What about the future?

He is keeping a promise to help a friend dig a pond and is finding it strange after years of talking about what he would do if he won the British National Lottery, to find he has actually won. He has left his job after years of starting at 5am and is looking to replace his rented flat with a luxury house.

A new car is also on the list although Matthew is not sure what kind yet and he is a keen gadget fan so will be treating himself to some of those.

He would also like to travel a little too, but there is something to do first. “I’d also like to go to Las Vegas and then spend some time travelling around the world but I’ll need to get a new passport first. I last went abroad over 15 years ago and my current passport expired a long time ago.”

Once again the British National Lottery changes someone’s life for the better.



British National Lottery Result For Saturday 21 May 2011



Beautiful Firework Display Over Italian Harbour


The results of the UK Lottery Draw (the Lotto) last night were as follows:


04 – 17 – 23 – 24 – 30 – 35  Bonus: 05


One lucky lottery player has won the jackpot of £4 400 000.

Another 613 202 players also took away prizes ranging from £10 to £114 519 – the total prize money for these and the jackpot being a huge £13 878 989.

The jackpot figure for the next British National Lottery (the Lotto) on Wednesday 25 May 2011 currently totals £2 400 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 20 May 2011

Ferrari F50 in Ferrari Showroom


The Eurolottery results for last night, Friday 20 May 2011, were:

10 – 14 – 20 – 25 – 42 Lucky Stars: 08 – 11

Millionaire Raffle:


One lucky lottery player walked away with a cool £24 115 451 jackpot and another player took the £1 000 000 Millionaire Raffle prize.

As usual there were lots of other winners, 3 048 543 to be exact, and they shared a massive £3 804 473.10 with prizes ranging from £2.50 to £163 385.50.

The jackpot for the next European lottery on Tuesday 24 May 2011 currently stands at a very useful £13 000 000.

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SuperEnalotto is One of the Top Global Lotteries

As many big winners can attest to, the SuperEnalotto has definitely become one of the top global lotteries. And a big reason why it has become so popular is because of the fact that people from all over the world can play this lottery.

Originally founded in 1997 for Italian players, the SuperEnalotto has expanded to include participants from numerous countries. And while the bulk of SuperEnalotto players still reside in Italy, the advent of online affiliates has made it so that anybody can compete for the massive jackpot each and every week. This only serves to further increase the amount of money and prizes available in the drawings.

Speaking of the prizes, the huge jackpots are another big reason for this lotto’s success. In fact, one of the biggest international jackpots in history was won through the SuperEnalotto! On October 30th, 2010, a single ticket won a SuperEnalotto-record €177,800,000 ($247,943,104). However, the ticket holder wasn’t alone in the win because they were part of a 70-player syndicate, who had been playing together to crack the giant jackpot. When all of the winnings were divided up, each of the 70 players walked away with over €2.5 million.

As far as the biggest single SuperEnalotto winner goes, a man from the tiny village of Bagnone, Italy ignited a celebration by hitting a €147,807,299 ($211.8 million) jackpot. Nearly all of the tiny village’s 2,000 residents were dancing and partying in the streets after learning that their town had become famous for the biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot win (at the time). And while this player is still unidentified even today, it’s rumored that the man was a 47-year-old farmer from Bagnone.

Moving past the big winners, those who are interested in playing the SuperEnalotto should know that the game features six main numbers, a SuperStar number and a Jolly number. As you may have guessed, the six main numbers determine who wins the huge weekly jackpot. The SuperStar number costs extra to play, but this digit is very helpful because it enables people to win a prize even if they only match 0, 1 or 2 numbers. Finally, the Jolly number gives 5-number winners a chance to increase their prize further. In the case of all three types of numbers, players can choose between 1 and 90.

As far as a person’s chances of winning the SuperEnalotto jackpot go, people have a 1 in 622,614,630 shot at matching all of the main numbers. And while these are no doubt some tough odds, players should keep in mind that the SuperEnalotto’s biggest prize has been won many times throughout the lottery organization’s history. Assuming the jackpot is won, the following week’s top prize is always set at €15,000,000, which means it’s always worth playing the SuperEnalotto – of course, you can usually count on the jackpot being much higher than €15 million!

All in all, this lotto is definitely on par with the other top lottery organizations in terms of prizes and number options.

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British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 18 May 2011


Slot Machines In The Excalibur Hotel, Las Vegas


The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) from last night were as follows:


06 – 15 – 20 – 36 – 38 – 42  Bonus: 04


After the draw there are two very excited people as the £2 548 038 jackpot was shared by them, giving £1 289 019 each.

At the same time there were 264 737 other players who won prizes of between £10 and a useful £66 103 – a total prize pot of £4 877 108.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw on Saturday 21 May 2011 stands at a life-changing £4 400 000.

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