Global Lotteries: Playing the Israeli Lotteries

Regulated Israeli lottery games have been around since the 50’s, and they’ve expanded into multi-million dollar ventures. This is especially the case with the Israel New Lotto, which has been offering some really big jackpots over the past few years. Sure these jackpots haven’t reached the record sizes of the Euro Millions or Mega Millions, but they are large enough to get the attention of over half of Israel’s population, as well as many international players. So it’s definitely worth taking a closer look at the New Lotto, along with the other Israeli lottery games.

Israel New Lotto

One of the most favorable aspects of the New Lotto is that there’s such a small number pool to choose from. You pick 6 numbers from 1 through 37, and you choose a single Strong (Chazak) Number from 1 through 8. To win the top prize, you need to match all six main numbers and the Strong number. With the low amount of digits you have to choose from, the New Lotto offers players reasonable 1 in 18,598,272 odds of winning the jackpot.

Moving to the jackpot’s monetary value, the prize’s starting point is NIS 4,000,000 ($1,155,200 USD). Of course, the jackpot normally grows much larger than this, as can be seen by a $20 million USD jackpot where the winning couple almost lost their ticket (we’ll get to this story later). In addition to the jackpot, there is also a 2nd prize worth NIS $500,000, and players win this by matching the six main numbers without the Strong number.

Other Israeli Lottery Games

Aside from the New Lotto, there are also several other Israeli lotto games such as Hishgad, 123, and Pais 777. Here’s a brief description of each game:

Hishgad – A scratch card game where players scratch off lots of fun and colorful symbols to win cash.

123 – This is a daily Pick 3 game that offers players prizes every day.

Pais 777 – A keno-style game where players select seven numbers from 1-70 in an effort to win money.

Israel’s Biggest Lottery Jackpot

By April 13th, 2010, the New Lotto jackpot had already far exceeded the biggest lottery prize in the country’s history. The top prize was worth $20 million (NIS 74,000,000), and there was a winning ticket on the 13th. The only problem was that nobody stepped forward to claim the prize because the winners didn’t realize they’d won.

As is turns out, the ticket was buried under a pile of papers at an anonymous couple’s house. After finding the ticket, this couple had the sense to check the numbers and find out this ticket was worth $20 million. Immediately after discovering they had a winner, the couple took their ticket to the nearest shop so it could be checked.

Following their huge win, the couple showed up to the Israeli National Lottery headquarters wearing welders masks. The reason behind this was to conceal their identities, which is pretty common in many countries so everybody and their brother doesn’t come looking for a piece of the prize.


British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 29 June 2011


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The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) from last night, Wednesday 29 June 2011, were as follows:


05 – 06 – 13 – 21 – 31 – 47 Bonus: 30


The £2 054 265 jackpot was not won on this occasion but there were 339 556 winners of prizes ranging from £10 to £52 673 – their share of £7 134 643.

Following the rollover, the increased jackpot for the next British National Lottery draw on Saturday 2 July 2011 currently stands at £6 300 000.

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European Lottery Results For Tuesday 28 June 2011


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The Eurolottery results for last night (Tuesday 28 June 2011) were:


15 – 16 – 30 – 44 – 50 Lucky Stars: 02 – 03


Millionaire Raffle:




With the current excitement around the Eurolottery draw, the jackpot increased to an enormous  £120 687 895but even this was not won so the money rolls over again!

The enthusiasm also increased the number of lesser prizes available and 3 101 014 players won their share of a £4 526 414.80 prize fund. They received prizes of between £2.80 and £261 260.20.

Following the tenth rollover, the stunning jackpot figure for the next European lottery draw on Friday 1 July 2011 stands at an incredible £136 000 000 !

That is $216 897 252 or €152 091 173.

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Global Lotteries: Buy A Lottery?

The debt crisis in Greece has created a situation almost unique in the world of global lotteries.

Despite a bailout of €110 billion so far, Greece still needs to find another €100 billion to pay it’s bills. This means the country is considering selling or privatizing many of its assets.

This includes the state lottery.

But Greece is not alone. Despite being in a better position than the other countries in trouble (including Portugal and Ireland), Spain is considering selling at least part of its state lottery.

So when you play either the Greek or Spanish lottery, make sure you specify you want to purchase a lottery ticket or you might end up owning one of these two global lotteries.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal website.


UK Lottery Draw: Helping The Children

The UK lottery draw finances some worthwhile projects and one of the latest to get support from lottery funds is a scheme called Very Important Kids.

Sadly as many as 80 000 children may be suffering from severe depression. The difference between a child simply playing up and a more worrying condition is hard to detect even for professionals so it is a difficult subject to tackle.

The Very Important Kids programme is run by the YoungMinds charity and is intended to improve the facilities for young people with mental health issues. Now the UK lottery draw has provided funding, nine regional workers can be employed to help the three-year scheme both locally and nationally.

Money is also available now for transport, campaigns, activities and other resources.

Twenty-seven young people have been recruited to campaign around the country to make their peers aware of the project and that help is available. They get involved in media projects and even public speaking engagements.

Bill Badham of YoungMinds says, “We aim to give our young people the strength to make changes to services locally and policy nationally.”

The recent mental health strategy produced by the Government has put young people to the fore so something is being done right!

To find out more about the project, go to the Very Important Kids website.



British National Lottery Results For Saturday 26 June 2011


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The UK lotteries result for last night was:


05 – 09 – 15 – 30 – 32 – 39  Bonus: 31


There were no less than three jackpot winners who, as the total jackpot was £4 073 142, each receive £1 357 714.

Another 575 810 lucky players won prizes ranging from £10 to £156 659 – their share of a prize fund of £9 221 113.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Wednesday 29 June 2011 currently stands at £2 200 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 24 June 2011


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The Eurolottery results for tonight were as follows:


05 – 16 – 20 – 30 – 41  Lucky Stars: 06 – 11


Millionaire Raffle:




Once again the jackpot, this time of a cool £107 428 374, was not won so this rolls over to the next draw.

There was a Millionaire Raffle winner.

Due to the increased interest in the European lottery there were actually more winners than before –  4 136 818 players won prizes totalling £6 698 734.70. The individual prizes ranged from £2.60 to £588 791.60

Following a tenth rollover the jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 28 June 2011 is a record-breaking £117 000 000!

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European Lottery: The Millionaire Raffle

Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, the European Lottery is drawn with substantial rewards for players holding a winning ticket. You may have noticed however there is a second draw that takes place at the same time: the Millionaire Raffle.

What is this and how does it work?

The prize for this additional draw is the same every week, a guaranteed £1 million and there is one winner every week. On special occasions there may be more than one winner however.

This draw only takes place in the United Kingdom and every player of the Eurolottery is automatically entered into the Millionaire Raffle too. When the extra draw was introduced it was financed by an increase in the stake money to £2 a ticket.

In theory a player can win a prize in the European lottery and win the Millionaire Raffle too.

The odds of winning the £1 million prize vary according to the interest in the Eurolottery that week but generally the chances are better on a Tuesday (at around 1 in 3.5 million) than on a Friday (1 in 9.2 million).

There are differences from the main Euro Millions lottery. Firstly there is no rollover in the Millionaire Raffle; there is a winner every time. A player cannot choose their Millionaire Raffle number as this is automatically allocated by the system when the European lottery numbers are entered. The number given is unique and comprises three letters and six numbers (for example, SXY835528).

The winning number is drawn by an Automated Draw Machine, which is the industry’s standard equipment for selected draw numbers throughout the world. The draw is televised as part of the BBC Euro Millions Lottery programme and the ADM is rigorously tested by both Camelot (the lottery administrators) and the University of Hertfordshire.

The Millionaire Raffle gives players a second reason to be excited about the Eurolottery results!


British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 22 June 2011


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The results for the UK lottery draw from last night were:


16 – 22 – 23 – 36 – 45 – 48 Bonus: 19


Check your tickets! There was one winner of the £2 515 874 jackpot. Was it you?

in addition, there were another 250 532 winners of smaller prizes. The awards were between £10 and £193 528 and totalled £4 700 808.

The jackpot for the next British National Lottery draw on Saturday 25 June 2011 presently stands at a very useful £4 200 000.

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European Lottery: Dream A Little

The European lottery this week has rolled over again and the jackpot this Friday has reached the dazzling total of £105 million (€119 million or $169 million) after rolling over nine times.

The Eurolottery rules state that the jackpot can roll over a total of eleven times before being given to the next highest prize winner on the twelfth occasion so the total could get higher yet.

Many people will now be dreaming what it would be like to own that sort of money. To put it in perspective you would immediately become nearly as wealthy as Jamie Oliver (£106 million) and more than pop star David Bowie (£100 million).

If the money is won on Friday it will not break any records however; the highest single Eurolottery payout was £113 million in October last year but I’m sure the winner would not be complaining. Mind you, it could still rollover for two more draws!

What would you do with that kind of money? If you won the Eurolottery jackpot you would have the choice of the worlds most exotic cars and boats. The house of your dreams would easily be in your range. You could even afford your own island in the Caribbean. Yes, that’s true: take a look at the website.

Me? I would love to give money to charity and then use a proportion to invest in innovative ideas and companies. Play Dragons Den for real.

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