British National Lottery Results For Saturday 30 July 2011


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The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) from last night (Saturday 30 July 2011) were:


04 – 10 – 29 – 32 – 34 – 40 Bonus: 48


The £4 550 908 was one by two people, who each receive £2 275 454.

In addition to this, another 481 130 players received prizes ranging from £10 to £127 298 – their share of £8 759 539 prize money.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Wednesday 3 August 2011 stands at a useful £2 200 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 29 July 2011


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The results of the European lottery from last night (Friday 29 July 2011) were as follows:


12 – 19 – 27 – 37 – 38 Lucky Stars: 05 – 10


Millionaire Raffle:



There was one lucky jackpot winner of the £23 933 989 top prize.

And there was a Millionaire Raffle winner of course.

A further £3 539 703 was divided by 3 135 129 players, who take home between £2.50 and £417 450.70.

The exciting jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 2 August 2011 presently stands at £13 000 000.

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British National Lottery: One Year Until The Olympics



On the 27 July 2012 the London Olympics will commence. With one year to go the progress is impressive.

With the help of £2.2 billion from the British National Lottery, several of the essential venues are already completed. Construction of the main Olympic Stadium has been finished with the laying of the last square of turf and the construction of the Basketball Arena, the Handball Arena, the Velodrome, the Aquatics Centre and the Lee Valley White Water Centre has also been finished.

Also completed is the main railway station specific to the venues and the press and broadcast centres are also finished.

The development was designed with a view to long-term sustainability for the local community and, with this in mind, three quarters of the promised residential development on the area is structurally complete. Nearby the Chobham Academy school is almost structurally complete too.

About £5 billion of contracts related to the Olympic Games have been awarded to British businesses and 22,000 schools are involved in related initiatives. British companies built the entire Olympic stadium and the same can be said for 98% of the other facilities.

Over the months before the Olympic flame is lit, heralding the start of the 2012 Games, several test events will be held at the venues to ensure they are fit for their main purpose. Some have already happened with the streets of London closing on the 30 May for a successful trial of the marathon course. The white Basketball Arena will host the London International Basketball Invitational between the 16 and 21 August this year.

It has been decided not to hold the British athletics trials in the 80,000 seat Olympic stadium for logistic reasons but the venue has been busy already: the British Universities athletics championships were held there in May, as was the London Disability Grand Prix for paralympic athletes.

After much concern about the cost of the construction, it is at last good to see that everything is well on schedule. The British National Lottery money was obviously well spent.


British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 27 July 2011


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The results of last night’s (Wednesday 27 July 2011) UK Lottery Draw (the Lotto) were:


04 – 16 – 22 – 34 – 39 – 42 Bonus: 35


Two lottery players were delighted as they won the jackpot of £2 420 130 between them – that means £1 210 065 each.

Other players were almost as lucky with 275 165 winning their share of £4 829 636 prize money with awards of £10 to £186 163 each.

The jackpot total for the next UK lottery draw, on Saturday 30 July 2011, currently stands at £4 200 000.

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European Lottery Results For Tuesday 26 July 2011


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The Eurolottery results for last night (Tuesday 26 July 2011) were as follows:


01 – 05 – 22 – 25 – 48 Lucky Stars: 03 – 11


Millionaire Raffle:




Nobody matched all the numbers so the £13 272 000 jackpot will roll on to the next draw.

There was a Millionaire Raffle winner of course.

There were more than a million other winners however – 1 756 710 lucky players shared a total of £2 075 231.70 with prizes varying from £2.50 to a very useful £362 346.90.

The jackpot for the next European lottery draw on Friday 29 July 2011 presently stands at an exciting £24 000 000.

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British National Lottery: American Student To Play For GB Team


Stef Collins has been star of women’s basketball in New York State for some years but for the 2012 Olympic Games in London she hopes to play for Great Britain, following a training camp provided by the British National Lottery.

The reason she can play for Great Britain and take advantage of the generosity of the British National Lottery is that Stef (now 28 years old) was born in Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire. She moved to America and played basketball for Odessa-Montour high school and St. Bonaventure University.

The places on the squad are not yet finalized but it seems pretty certain she will play for the British team: a fact that is exciting both for British ambitions and for her fans in New York. 2012 will be the first time a British team has appeared at the Olympics since women’s basketball was included in 1976. The British Basketball Federation was only formed in 2006 specifically for the build up to the London Olympic Games.

Stef Collins has in fact been with the British team since that start in 2006 and they made their mark last month by making it to the last twelve of the EuroBasket Women’s Championships in Poland.

Stef’s career has always moved between the USA and Britain as she played for a time in the Rhondda Rebels team in Wales before moving to the University of Wales at Cardiff to get a master’s degree and play basketball.

Damian Jennings, an assistant coach on the Great Britain team marks Stef down as a natural leader so it all looks good for British hopes.

Once again the British National Lottery helps Olympic hopefuls get to the Games.


British National Lottery Results For Saturday 23 July 2011


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The results for the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) yesterday, Saturday 23 July 2011, were as follows:


01 – 02 – 11 – 30 – 33 – 45 Bonus: 39


One lucky winner takes away the jackpot of £4 305 528.

Another 541 501 people receive their share of £9 120 755 with prizes varying from £10 to £101 905.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) of Wednesday 27 July 2011 currently stands at £2 200 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 22 July 2011


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The results of the European lottery last night (Friday 22 July 2011) were:


04 – 15 – 23 – 49 – 50 Lucky Stars: 02 – 06


Millionaire Raffle:




Two more lucky players shared the jackpot of £13,225,500 – each receiving £6 612 750.

Another 3 102 903 won prizes from a prize total of £2 896 498.80 – the individual prizes totalled between £2.60 and an enjoyable £107 259.60.

The jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 26 July 2011 currently stands at a life-changing £13 000 000.

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British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 20 July 2011


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The UK lotteries result (the Lotto) for last night were as follows:


06 – 10 – 15 – 32 – 42 – 49  Bonus: 04


There were two winners of the £2 445 018 jackpot and they receive £1 222 509 each.

In addition there were 280 245 winners of other prizes of between £10 and £83 590 – the total pot available was £4 908 517.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw on Saturday 23 July 2011 presently totals a very useful £4 200 000.

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Eurolottery: Winning Couple In Hiding


Whenever I hear of somebody winning a huge amount of money on the European lottery I always hope they manage to stay anonymous so they have a chance to do something constructive with their good fortune. For this reason I was a little sad to see the recent winners of the Eurolottery draw, Colin and Chris Weir, going public about their £161 million win.

It now seems I was right. News reports indicate that the couple from Ayrshire have gone into hiding, possibly abroad.

Inevitably they have been inundated with begging letters for money. The couple had decided to go public with their win so they would not have to lie to friends and family as that seemed the simplest thing to do.

However a spokesman from Camelot stated the couple did not want any more publicity and that the lottery organizers were not at liberty to comment on their whereabouts.

Here is the lesson: if you are lucky enough to win either the European lottery or the British National Lottery make sure you tick the box that asks if you want to stay anonymous. A couple won £113 million in the Eurolottery in October 2010 and nobody knows who or where they are. Winners in other countries even opt to wear masks at the press conference but it would seem sensible to not even hold a press conference but to walk quietly away and resume your life.

It’s not the money that destroys your life, it’s the fame.