Global Lotteries: Lottery Fraud And How To Avoid It

Is it me or have the number of lottery scam emails increased recently? It is not enough for us here at to report on the British National Lottery, the European lottery and other global lotteries, we also have advised several people regarding the many lottery scams there are around.

In the last few weeks we have ourselves received an amazing number of fraudulent emails regarding not only lottery scams but also other attempts to extract money from us. But, as this is a lottery website, let’s look at the lottery emails.

Firstly, can we reiterate the rules for avoiding lottery scams:

1. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You never get something for nothing – particularly where money is concerned.

2. In lotteries, you will never, ever win anything unless you buy a ticket or join a syndicate. If you have not joined one of the many global lotteries you are not in it.

3. No lottery administrator will ever contact you if you have won. If you do think you have a winning lottery number you will have to contact the lottery company yourself.

4. At no time will any lottery administrator ask for your personal details or ask you to send money to them before releasing the prize. There is no exception to this.

The scammers are after your personal details (identity theft) or your money. Send either to them and you will start a nightmare you want to avoid at all costs.

If you do receive a fraudulent email, letter or telephone call you may want to refer it to your local law enforcement organization, government consumer department or one of the online fraud agencies (see some useful links below) but please DO NOT respond to the fraudsters.

Delete the email, burn the letter or put the telephone down.

These fraudsters are making millions from their victims. Please let’s shut them down.

Here are some example emails I have collected from kind correspondents:

Licensed & Registered
2 Monck Street, London OvSW1P 2BQ
Tel: +44 (0) 701-112-8490

This is to publicize the result of online liberated
gaming promo endowment apprehended in UK, March 2012.
Based on random assortment implementation from Millions
of e-mail Addresses World-Wide, your email address was
selected. Hence, the UK National lottery Incorporated©,
has approved you to collect the sum of £950,000.00 GBP.

Grant file: 60009878623: REF: NEA/020-09092012.

Contact our associated solicitor below for information to
disburse your prize of £950,000.00 GBP to you due to
condition of claim by winners resident outside of United Kingdom.


Michael Bakker Co & Law-Firm.
Esq. Michael Bakker (Appointed Payment Attorney)
TEL:+44 (0) 7700012683


Josef Huber
Fiduciary Agent

And a second, longer one:

UK National Lottery P O Box 1010 Liverpool, L70 1NL UNITED KINGDOM

(Customer Services)WINNING PARAMETERSRef Number: UK/9580X2/45Batch Number: 062/01/ZY469IDENTIFICATION NUMBER:{CPEL/OWN/9876}.

Congratulations Lucky Winner,According to the notification that you received. The notification mail sent to you is to inform you that you emerged as our lucky winner.and this explains how you became a winner, The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as one of two winners in the category \\A\\

You are therefore been approved to claim the sum of a31,000,000,00 (One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings Only).Also, we do sincerely hope you will put part of your winnings into good use for community, educational and business development and also to render selfless services to the less privileged in your community. This office is in receipt of the information you provided for the processing of your lottery winnings of One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings (a31,000,000,00)  which was also forwarded to us from the ONLINE COORDINATOR OF THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY INC , your lottery funds of the sum of One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings (a31,000,000,00)  have been processed. I have forwarded your details, your file and original certificate to our associated COURIER COMPANY (SCARLET COURIER COMPANY) for verification and payment.  Now you are required to contact the SCARLET COURIER COMPANY yourself by writing an application for the release of your winnings to you.

The application should be presented to them in the below format and sent by email.CONTACT SCARLET COURIER COMPANY FOR YOUR WINNING PRIZE:Courier Name: Scarlet Courier Limited.Contact Person: Mr. Richard PetersonE-mail:- : +447017425121 Fax: +448447743319Note that you are to provide the Scarlet Courier Company with the required details below to officially identify you:1) Winner’s Full Names:2) Present Full Address:3) Telephone Number:4) Country\city :5) Occupation :6) Raffle Draw Winning Email:7) Amount Won:  Winning Reference Number:9) Winning Batch Number:10) Winning Transfer Identification code: ELPC/MWT/014311) Winning Certificate Number: UK/9876125

Having applied to the Courier, you are required to keep me updated of every correspondence and of progress with the Courier as soon as you are in contact with them because it is my responsibility, as your fiduciary agent, to ensure that you get paid and on time too. Again, it is important that you keep all your winning particulars and numbers personal and confidential until your prize money has been paid to you.  This is a security measure to avoid double claiming or/and impersonation.

Contact the Courier as soon as possible to avoid delays to your payment.  Should you have any difficulties whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Pinkett Griffin.Uk National Lottery Claims Agent.

And finally a simple one received here the other day:

Your mail id has won 1,000, 000.00 Pounds in the Uk Draw send:


Adolf Korczyk

These links may well be useful:

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The British National Lottery and fraud.

The UK’s official  ActionFraud website.

FraudAid’s website.

British National Lottery Results For Saturday 28 April 2012

The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for last night, Saturday 28 April 2012 were as follows:

01 – 03 – 09 – 23 – 37 – 46 Bonus: 06

The jackpot of £3,949,504 was won by two players, and each receives £1,974,752.

Another 598,297 players won prizes ranging from £10 to £101,269 – their share of £9,294,642 prize money.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw on Wednesday 2 May 2012 currently stands at £2,200,000.

European Lottery Results For Friday 27 April 2012

The results of the European lottery draw for last night, Friday 27 April 2012, were as follows:

20 – 27 – 30 – 36 – 43 Lucky Stars: 01 – 06

Millionaire Raffle:


There was one jackpot winner, indications show this person lives on continental Europe, and he or she takes home a cool £36,231,900.

There was of course a UK Millionaire Raffle winner plus another 2,638,129 players who receive prizes ranging from £3.10 to £311,562.90.

The jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 1 May 2012 presently totals £12,000,000.

British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 25 April 2012

The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for Wednesday 25 April 2012 were:

08 – 13 – 18 – 21 – 40 – 44 Bonus: 42

There were two UK jackpot winners this time – the £7,021,206 was divided between two players, each received £3,510,603.

Another 348,982 players won prizes varying from £10 to £153,594 – a total payout of £5,588,215.

The jackpot of the next UK lottery draw on Saturday 28 April 2012 currently stands at £4,100,000.

European Lottery Results For Tuesday 24 April 2012

The results for the European lottery draw for Tuesday 24 April 2012 were as follows:

08 – 09 – 24 – 43 – 48 Lucky Stars: 03 – 05

Millionaire Raffle:


The jackpot of £26,895,374 remained unwon so rolled over to the next draw.

One lucky player won the Millionaire Raffle prize and there were 1,666,505 winners of other prizes, which ranged from £3.10 to £239,396.50.

The jackpot of the next Eurolottery draw on Friday 27 April 2012 currently stands at £36,000,000.

British National Lottery Results For Saturday 21 April 2012

The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for Saturday 21 April 2012 were:

10 – 23 – 25 – 34 – 41 – 47 Bonus: 30

There was no winner of the £4,525,291 jackpot so this rolled over to the next UK lottery draw on Wednesday 25 April 2012.

There were however 468,699 winners of other prizes – and these ranged from £10 to £232,066. The total prize fund was £13,143,661.

European Lottery Results For Friday 20 April 2012

The results of the European Lottery for Friday 20 April 2012 were:

03 – 06 – 29 – 32 – 41 Lucky Stars: 10 – 11

Millionaire Raffle:


The jackpot of £21,345,735 once again remained unwon and rolled over to the next Eurolottery draw.

There was a Millionaire Raffle winner of course and another 2,506,859 winners, taking away prizes ranging from £3.50 to £224,847.

British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 18 April 2012

The results of the UK Lottery Draw for Wednesday 18 April 2012 were:

07 – 08 – 16 – 22 – 24 – 28 Bonus: 48

There were four jackpot winners and they shared the £1,712,180 available, receiving £428,045 each.

Another 409,380 players received their share of a £5,424,534 prize fund with individual payouts ranging from £10 to £105,364.

European Lottery Results For Tuesday 17 April 2012

The results of the European lottery draw for Tuesday 17 April 2012 were:

10 – 28 – 33 – 48 – 49 Lucky Stars: 01 – 10

Millionaire Raffle:


There was a Millionaire Raffle winner as usual but no winner of the £12,369,000 jackpot so this rolled over to the next draw.

There were 1,414,469 winners of other prizes however, and they received between £2.70 and £771,350.

Winning Lottery Number: Should I Leave Work?

So you have won a prize in the British National Lottery or the European lottery. One of the first decisions all winners make is whether to carry on in their job or not.

Charles Gillion was one of the bus drivers from Corby who each won £3.1 million as members of a lottery syndicate. He had intended to retire later this year but can now do so comfortably as a result of his win.

Sarah Cockings from Tyne and Wear won £3 million in the UK lottery draw in 2005 when she was at university. She has decided to go back to her studies a couple of years later but found that her winnings had enabled her to choose the career she wanted to follow. Sarah wants to become a midwife purely because that is what she wants to do – money no longer is a consideration.

Nicky Cusack of Swindon won £2.49 million in the British National Lottery in 2009 after being diagnosed with cancer. After she completed the therapy to combat her illness however, Nicky couldn’t wait to get back to work.

“I wanted to be normal,” she said, “It is just about being who you want to be. Some people say ‘why is she back? There is no need for her to work.’ No, there isn’t, but it is the company and your friends, that is what makes a working environment. I am quite happy going to work and coming home.”

Of course the first consideration on winning a lottery prize is whether you can afford to give up your job. Chris and Colin Weir of Largs won £161 million in the Eurolottery draw and, like so many who win huge amounts, have found having a job is no longer a necessity. Indeed, if you win that amount of money, managing can be a full-time job in itself!

You may win a smaller prize however and it would then be wise to take professional advice as to whether you can retire or not. Some winners take a holiday instead.