Powerball Lottery – The Power To Change Lives

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Every Thursday evening the Australian Powerball lucky lottery is drawn at 20.40 local time, live on Queensland’s Channel 7 television.

The first prize lottery winner (termed the first division prize) will win a  guaranteed Aus$3 million but this can increase with the largest single payout recorded at Aus$80 million.  Last week one couple won Aus$10 million with their lucky lottery ticket.

To play you simply choose five out of 45 numbers on your lottery ticket and then select a single ‘Powerball’ number from the last panel, also of 45 numbers. You can take advantage of the ‘Quickpick’ option when your numbers are randomly selected for you: this is especially useful if you are like me and unable to decide on the numbers you want for your lottery ticket!

To be a lucky lottery winner of the first division payout the chances stand at 1 in 54 979 156, however, as with most lotteries, there are many lower prizes available for lucky lottery players.  The odds of your lottery ticket winning one of the sixth or seventh division prizes for example are 1 in 160 and 1 in 556 respectively.

This week’s Powerball jackpot presently stands at Aus$10 million. To find out more about the Powerball lucky lottery, go to the official website.

The Australian Powerball lucky lottery can be played from the Lotter.