British National Lottery: The Glamorous Lottery Winner

We often report on new winners of the UK lottery draw and other global lotteries on this site but rarely do we pick up the story of a winner a few years later. Let’s change that.

Sarah Cockings is an attractive, bubbly blond girl from Tyne and Wear who was at university in 2005, aged 21, when she won her prize. Sarah only played occasionally but played one Saturday draw with her own numbers.

She went home that evening and checked her numbers on the Internet. At first she was pleased she had won £10 but then saw all her other numbers matching too. Eventually it dawned on her that she had won £3,045,705 on the British National Lottery.

What has she done with the money since?

Sarah, like so many winners, understood where her priorities lay and she knew her family was important. Her parents were very supportive and refused to treat her differently: nonetheless Sarah bought them a new house. Another early purchase was breast implants for both her sisters.

She has treated herself to a house and a good wardrobe. Not having a car, Sarah bought herself a top-of-the-range Mini and eventually graduated on to the black Range Rover Sport she now owns. She is happy to be pampered every now and again and visits the local beauty salon. One of her favourite changes however was the arrival of two little dogs as her companions.

As for the future? Sarah is thinking about returning to University but rather than the social degree she was originally following, she would like to get the qualifications to enable her to get into midwifery.

Winning the UK lottery draw can be a positive experience if you are as sensible as Sarah.