British National Lottery: The Lottery Delivers For A Lorry Driver



Lorry drivers seem to have been lucky in lotteries recently. Matthew Breach of Battle in East Sussex, a 37-year old lorry driver, was a jackpot winner in the British National Lottery on Wednesday 9 March.

Rollovers are not necessarily what lorry drivers want to experience but in this case a triple rollover netted Matthew just short of £18 million.

He was out delivering aggregates on the Thursday when he checked his numbers. He thought he might have won but called his boss and asked him to check. HIs boss thought the whole thing was a practical joke but when he returned to the yard, Matthew asked him to call Camelot, the British National Lottery administrators, on his behalf, as he was nearly speechless himself.

Matthew left work early to tell his mother and sisters. He says, “I told my mum the news but then I had a short nap to clear my head before I went to see my sisters. I’ve been in a bit of a daze since then to be honest.”

What about the future?

He is keeping a promise to help a friend dig a pond and is finding it strange after years of talking about what he would do if he won the British National Lottery, to find he has actually won. He has left his job after years of starting at 5am and is looking to replace his rented flat with a luxury house.

A new car is also on the list although Matthew is not sure what kind yet and he is a keen gadget fan so will be treating himself to some of those.

He would also like to travel a little too, but there is something to do first. “I’d also like to go to Las Vegas and then spend some time travelling around the world but I’ll need to get a new passport first. I last went abroad over 15 years ago and my current passport expired a long time ago.”

Once again the British National Lottery changes someone’s life for the better.