British National Lottery: Saving Stonehenge

There are few monuments in the world that are perhaps more recognizable than Stonehenge.

This prehistoric icon is visited by millions of people every year who come and wonder at the mysteries of this amazing site. And therein lies the problem.

The existing facilities at the monument are unable to cope with such huge numbers of visitors and need upgrading.

The British National Lottery, through the Heritage Lottery Fund, is providing £10 million to help with a complete redesign of the visitor experience.

The chair of English Heritage (who run the site) said, “We are tremendously grateful for this generous grant. Not only does it help to narrow the funding gap for the project considerably, it also sends out a message of confidence about the transformational benefits that the project will bring – to tourism,¬†local economy, and the conservation and public enjoyment of Stonehenge and its landscape.”

The problem with Stonehenge is that it is not just the monument itself that is archeologically important but also the whole landscape surrounding it. The pressure of so many visitors is having its toll on the environment.

The new proposals take the crowds away from Stonehenge to a new visitor centre from where they will be transported in a special vehicle to the site.

In this way the British National Lottery is once more preserving an important part of ancient history.

Find out more about the proposed changes to Stonehenge on the English Heritage website.