Lottery Latest News: Continuing To Support Athletes


The staggering success of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, supported by the UK lottery draw, has raised questions about the future of sport in the United Kingdom. Many of us are feeling a little deflated after the excitement of the last few weeks and the questions are now being asked about where we go now.

Fortunately, the British National Lottery still pays 28% of its funds to good causes and many of these include sports. The lottery supports more than 1200 athletes in various stages of development and many of those are aiming at the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

But money from the British National Lottery is also being used to encourage sport throughout the country. Sport has benefits other than producing world-class athletes. Participating in sport can help children and adults learn life skills, besides controlling the health of the nation.

The new heroes of sport, the winners and participants in the London 2012 events, have been quick to thank the British National Lottery for its support. Gold medal winner Bradley Wiggins told an interviewer, “I would not have been Olympic champion without the investment I have had from the National Lottery.”

Equally, Matt Gumby, a triathlon hopeful for the 2016 Olympic Games, had a message for all players of the British National Lottery: “Thanks very much for your ongoing support. Without that support I would struggle to do what I am doing.”

Find out more about the British National Lottery funding for sport at the Lottery Funding website.