UK Lottery Draw: The Community Fund

The British National Lottery gives out more and more money to its players in the form of jackpots and other prizes. More than 70% of the adult population regularly play the UK lottery draw.

Many people playing or observing the lottery fail to understand the huge benefits of the funds raised through this state run gambling. Since the start of the lottery in 1994, more than £28 billion has been given to deserving causes throughout the United Kingdom. During the last twelve months sales of tickets were up by 12.1% to a record £6.5 billion and good causes received £1.8 billion of the money.

As a part of the increased funding deserving projects, 4.7 pence in every pound paid into the British National Lottery goes to the Community Fund, a body whose remit is to provide money for charities, voluntary and community groups. One of the aims of the fund is to alleviate poverty and disadvantage in society.

Recently the Community Fund distributed £3 million of UK lottery draw money to various deserving projects.

As part of this award, £883,242 was given to the Prince’s Trust Soundlive project to encourage disadvantaged young people have an appreciation of music. This has an admirable track record of boosting the confidence and self-esteem of those involved, leading to increased participation in employment, education and training opportunities.

Musician Jools Holland is an ambassador for the Prince’s Trust and he said, “I am thrilled with the tremendously generous grant awarded to The Princes Trust Soundlive programme by the Community Fund. Soundlive is one of their programmes that really reaches those who need support.”

A further £82,642 went to the Smooth Ride Guides, designed to fund a travel guide to France for wheelchair users and those who have problems with mobility.

So whenever you buy a ticket for the British National Lottery, you can be proud that your money is being put to good use. Even if you don’t win, a worthwhile community project does.

See more about the lottery’s support for communities on the Big Lottery Fund website.