UK Lottery Draw: The Lottery And Olympic Athletes




Many British Olympic athletes are grateful for the support of the UK lottery draw in their preparations for the 2012 Games.

“The support of the National Lottery and its players has been very important and allowed me to compete and win against the best in the world.”

So said Rebecca Adlington, winner of two swimming gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics and who looks forward to doing the same or better in London next year. Her preparations are going well as she became world champion for the 800m Freestyle event in July this year. This adds to her European and Commonwealth titles as well as the Olympic title already won.

But Rebecca is far from the only athlete to be grateful for the support given to sport in the country by the UK lottery draw. Sir Chris Hoy won three gold medals for cycling in Beijing to become the most successful Olympic cyclist ever. He has been supported by the UK lottery draw for eleven years. “If I could give a message to those who play the lottery it would be thank you. It has had such a massive impact for British Cycling and for me.”

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In the meantime, support all the athletes by buying your UK lottery draw tickets!