Two Taxi Drivers Save Elderly Lady From Scammers Email


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As discussed in previous articles, lottery scams are still very common. The criminals who operate the fraud are very clever and persuasive: often they form a relationship over a long period of time, which convinces their victims they are genuine.

Sadly what seems to be a genuine lottery win is often simply a criminal, or group of criminals, trying to get money from their victim, either directly or via their personal details.

Hopefully more and more people are beginning to understand the problem and are turning away when approached in this way. Too many times however, vulnerable victims are being caught and are losing huge amounts of money.

A particularly galling aspect of this crime is the victims are often too embarrassed to admit they have been duped or, even worse, they do not believe well-meaning people who advise them to pull away from the influence fraudsters hold over their victims.

Wink News in Florida, USA recently reported on two taxi drivers who acted when a regular customer looked like she was falling for the persuasive story of one of these criminals.

Jackson Jackreese is a driver with a local cab firm and became concerned when an elderly passenger told him she had won a global international lottery and had to send a stranger a money order of thousands of dollars. The taxi driver acted quickly and told of his worries to the police and bank staff who were able to stop the issuing of the money.

Such was the influence of the fraudsters however that the lady became annoyed with Mr. Jackreese’s actions and stopped using his company. She started using another taxi firm but did not expect what happened next.

Once again the victim took a taxi to her bank to issue a money order to the scammers. Her driver this time, Tony Strong, also picked up on what was happening and told bank officials who once again put a hold on the money. He also reported the whole affair to the local place fraud unit.

We can only hope the lady concerned has understood the situation and will not send any money.

Read the whole story on the website.

Please treat any unsolicited claim of lottery winnings with suspicion and do nothing but report the correspondence to your local police.

Latest Lottery News About the Irish Lottery


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Each global international lottery seems to have made an appearance in the latest lottery news but the Irish National Lottery has had more coverage than most.

The Irish Times reported this week that some €14.7 million ($19 million or £12.4 million) remained unclaimed last year. Under Irish law, winners have only three months to collect their winnings: after that time the money returns to the present lottery administrator, An Post, for marketing purposes.

Over the last 5 years unclaimed prizes have totalled an amazing €90 million: 2% of total ticket sales. Amazingly the largest unclaimed prize was for €3.4 million drawn in June 2001.

Last month the Irish parliament, the Dáil, passed a bill to put the 20-year licence for the National Lottery up for sale.

Any new private sector administrator will pay a sum upfront for the licence and will be expected to return a significant income to the government to be distributed to good causes (as in many other countries). Indeed, the new licence will also change the use of any unclaimed prizes, returning the money for use in good causes rather than for marketing programmes.

Until now ticket sales until now have been restricted but the new measures mean this will no longer be the case, raising more income than before.

The Irish National Lottery started in March 1987 to support initiatives in areas of sport, heritage and culture. From that day the draw administrators have been a government-run body overseeing the running of the state Lotto and the Irish section of the Euromillions prize draw.

At the end of last year the Irish National Lottery had achieved sales of over €12 billion with €6.7 billion paid out as prizes and €4.2 billion given to various good causes.

Lottery Latest News: Lucky Areas of Britain


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Latest statistics from Camelot, the administrator for the British National Lottery and the European prize draw, show the luckiest places to live in the UK. Following stories published here on, we can hardly be surprised to see which area comes top.

Ilford in Essex, the scene of George Traykovs two wins recently, is the luckiest place in the country. Interestingly, this was also the case in 2011 so the regions luck seems to be consistent. If you live in the area statistics show you have a 1 in 6722 chance of winning a lottery prize.

Second on the list is Newcastle with a 1 in 6884 chance and third are the Medway towns in Kent with a 1 in 6972 chance. The Medway towns have produced 35 lottery millionaires since the British National Lottery started.

Despite the statistics, this does not mean you should move to Ilford to get rich. In theory every ticket bought, wherever you are, has the same chance of winning.

Latest Lottery News: Unexpected Lottery Winners


Looking Into The Sun At The Shot At Dawn Memorial in Staffordshire

The latest lottery news this week has produced two stories that show that lotteries can produce winners in ways you might not expect.

As reported on the website today, the administrators of the Irish National Lottery found themselves paying out more prizes than expected this week.

Saturday’s lottery draw included the number 9. However the ball concerned was incorrectly labelled and one digit did not have a line under the 9. This means when the numbers were recapped at the end of the draw the number was read out as a 6.

Fortunately the National Lottery administrators have held up their hands to the mistake and are paying out to anyone who had won a prize with 6 in their numbers. This means they may have to fork out an extra €54,000.

Read the whole story on the website.

At the same time, news has reached us of an unusual group of volunteers helping restore a war memorial.

Thirty-five lottery winners got together and helped build a path at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire. They spent two days on the project, at the ‘Shot at Dawn’ memorial, digging the path before raking on the surface.

Peter Brusby, who won £1.4 million from the National Lottery in 2005, explained that the volunteers had the spare time now so they had decided to give something back.

Thinking of the memorial, he told a Press Association reporter, “It’s a marvellous place and it just brings back what sacrifices have been made, and I think we should put something into that.”

It is good news to hear that lottery winners are being so thoughtful following their own good fortune.

Online Lottery – Gaming Tradition with a Modern Edge


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People have been playing lotteries for a very long time. In fact, lotteries began on an official basis as far back as 205 BCE! In Europe, the first ever national lotteries were drawn by the kings and queens themselves as somewhat of a royal event. Since then it has become a staple in every country and is easily the most popular form of gaming across the population as a whole. It goes without saying, then, that the online lottery was only a matter of time, and it too has become a smash hit amongst gamers and lotto fanatics alike.
The online lottery is, as the name implies, an online version of the traditional lottery that originally made the game famous. This means that players are able to purchase their lottery tickets online and even partake in a series of other related things as part of the fun. This can include catching up on the latest lottery results (both online and offline events), reading stories from the latest big winners, comparing all the latest odds on the most popular lotteries both locally and nationally, being able to purchase discounted lottery tickets and even take part in free lottery events for online players only.
One of the most popular forms of online lottery is 49’s Lotto, otherwise known as just “49’s”. 49’s Lotto is a British lottery that is all about the draws. There are two lottery draws taking place each day, every day of the week. A total of six main numbers are drawn with a bonus number known as the ‘booster’, from a pool of 49 balls (hence the name 49’s Lottery). Players can win a whopping £601 for just 3 matching numbers on a £1 ticket!
Most online betting sites have a lottery-dedicated page, and it is here that you can ensure your ticket in the next big draw. William Hill Sports is a good place to go if you’re new to the craze, as they have all the big events covered and an easy-to-navigate site. Just click on the event that fancies you and let the fun begin! You can visit us at

How To Get Your Project Funded By The UK Lottery Draw


Villagers Celebrate After Saving Their Pub With Lottery Money

When you play the British National lottery or the Euromillions prize draw it can be easy to forget that your money will go towards good causes around the United Kingdom.

To date around £29 billion has been paid to deserving projects by Camelot, the administrators of the UK lottery draw. The causes supported cover a wide range from arts bodies, the Olympic Games, athletes, conservation groups, education initiatives, health issues and heritage projects in all corners of the country. Recipients range from large national organisations to a few people trying to save a community asset.

Up to this month around 28% of lottery money has been allocated for good causes. Of the rest 50% has been paid out in prizes, 12% as lottery duty, operating costs 4% and around 5-6% as commission for retailers.

So what happens if you have a project you think might be eligible for UK lottery draw funding?

The first step is to carefully define exactly what it is you want to do. You will need to understand the unmet want you intend to satisfy. This may come from your own observations but should also involve discussions and research with other people in order to get a full picture of what is needed. Make sure another body or a public initiative is not already meeting the need.

Down a detailed plan of your project. You will be asked about the need for the project and so you should include evidence that the scheme would be worthwhile. The plan should show how people or the environment would benefit and what exactly you want to achieve with the project.

There are some useful resources to help you on the Big Lottery Fund website.

Once you have an idea of what exactly you want to do, then you will need to get some idea of the costs. This will vary from project to project so it is worth asking all those to be involved. Understand exactly what would be needed to achieve your goals and consult with the people you would work with (such as service providers or builders) and ask for their estimates.

The distributors of the UK lottery money will be happy to help with your application.

There are several ways to apply but, if you are not sure where to begin, you might try the National Lottery funding finder.

Whatever the project you want the British National Lottery to finance we wish you the very best of luck with it. Hopefully we will soon be reporting your success here on

UK Lottery Draw: Making The Most Of 2013


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Well, here we are in 2013. I don’t know about you, but a new year always makes me think what I have done over the last 12 months and what the next year holds. One thing that could radically change your life this year is to win a substantial amount on the British National Lottery, the Euromillions prize draw or another global international lottery.

In fact, you can easily play any of more than 40 lotteries around the world without leaving the house. Get your tickets from, for example, and you have access to that many lotteries. 761,063 players on have received more than $23 million in prizes and recent results show this total is growing.

The individual jackpots are growing too – one winner of the top US Mega Millions lottery won $656 million and the Euromillions prize draw record to date is over £600 million. True, these prizes were not won by players of but who knows about the future?

One of the attractions of playing lotteries through is the multi-draw tickets and discounts you can use. They really make playing the lotteries an exciting pastime and provide information on more than 70 lotteries. Why not join and try the different ways of playing?

Don’t forget that the lotteries don’t only pay out jackpot prizes. The other ‘lesser’ prizes can be life changing too. Would £100,000 make a difference to you? This is available on many of the lotteries offered for matching a few numbers.

But why stop at playing the lotteries? The affiliate scheme connected to, will help you earn an income from recommending to your friends, family and colleagues. Visit and find out more.

Who knows if your life could radically change in 2013? Taking advantage of all and offer and you could face 2014 with a great deal more pleasure.

And who knows how many people you could help along the way?

Latest Lottery News: Authorities Cracking Down On Jamaican Lottery Scams

It is quite common for anyone online to receive a scammers email purporting to be from a global international lottery claiming the recipient has won a top prize. Of course, as previously explained on this site, if you have not already joined a lottery, you are not going to win anything. Nonetheless millions of pounds or dollars are being conned out of innocent people every year.

The country of Nigeria has always been considered to be the usual source of a scammers email although Canada has also been discovered as the origin of such scams. In recent years however a new country has started to produce such emails, letters or telephone calls: Jamaica.

Under pressure from the American government, the Jamaican authorities have begun a crackdown on the scammers and their findings are not far short of astonishing.

The Jamaican Observer newspaper reports that those who send a scammers email are racking in millions of dollars every week. They earn so much money that they simply waste it away in ridiculous ways such as washing cars in champagne. Almost anyone can earn in excess of US$120,000 using a mobile phone and a list of leads freely available from large corporations. Such lists provide personal details the victims would be horrified to know are being shared.

The scams grew massively five years ago after a Government crackdown on the drugs trade. One scammer was reported to have earned in excess of $800 million but was murdered in a row over the money. There seems little doubt that the lottery scams finance serious crime.

During the year 2010, it is estimated that scammers raised US$30 million from victims in the state of Minnesota alone. One lady in Florida sent $400,000 to a Jamaican criminal.

As so much money is involved, it should come as no surprise that government officials are implicated. In July two were arrested as part of the investigation – one was the mayor of Montego Bay, where many of the call centres are located. Fortunately this indicates that action is being taken against those who send the scammers email or make illicit telephone calls. Even so, the Jamaican Labour Party has criticised the Government for not doing enough to eradicate the problem.

The Opposition leader, Andrew Holness condemned a rise in killings linked to the crime and the lack of action on the part of the Government in implementing anti-crime legislation.

All this activity in Jamaica just goes to prove that we must all stay vigilant against any scammers email or telephone call. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Please do not fall victim to a scammers email, letter or telephone call

Global Lotteries: The Thieves Keep Up The Pressure

In my time reviewing the European lotteryBritish National Lottery and other global lotteries, I have received quite a few enquiries regarding lottery scams online. Over the last month I too have received a great many fraudulent emails, some of them regarding supposed lotteries.

Below are three examples of those I have received in case they help people who are unsure how legitimate they are. The answer is: they are scams.

Received 20 June 2012:

We are please to announce to you that your email address emerged along
side 4 others as a category winner in this year’s weekly Publishers
Clearing House PCH lotto.
You have won One million dollars and have been approved for a total pay
out of One million us dollars
($1,000,000.00 USD)

The following particulars are attached to your lotto payment order

winning numbers :7-1-4-8-7 -3 email ticket

number: FL 654/29/75

Contact claims officer with the Contact info below

Mr. Todd Sloan


Winners must send their

1.Name in full:






7.Phone number:

8.Present Country:

This information is to process the immediate payment of your winning prize.
Best Regards,

Mr. Danial carpenter

Publishers Clearing

Received from:


Received 21 June 2012:

21 June 2012

– Hello Dear,
This is Allen and Violet Large i and my wife are the winner of Atlantic
Lottery this year 2012,and from our winning funds of 7 Million Pounds
Sterling’s we have a donation of 1.5 Million Pounds Sterling’s to support
churches, fire departments, cemeteries and the Red Cross. And after you have done this good job please feel
free to reimburse yourself with 40% of the funds.

I want to let you know that we have checked through your country chambers of
commerce and we found out that you are a good person and can handle the job
for it purpose. You will have to contact my Pastor,Mr. Lawrence Raymond Larson to
release the 1.5 Million Pounds Sterling’s to you on his e-mail address only
below with the following details,

1 Full name…………
2 Full residential…
3 Occupation ……
4 phone number:…….
5 Country…………
6 Age………..
7 Sex.,……….
8 Phone number….
9 Country……

Name: Pastor Lawrence Raymond Larson
E-Mail Address:

Mr.& Mrs. Large

Received from:

Received 21 June 2012:


Dear Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held today by Pepsi
Bottling Company in conjunction with the British Online Lottery, which won you the sum of 250,000 pounds.

Your e-mail address registered to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5368/02 won you the

sum of 250,000 pounds in a BANK CERTIFIED CHECK, credited to file: BOL/9023118308/03

Email addresses where randomly selected by a ballot system picked from a large mass of email addresses from

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Match and other well known social networks and email providers.

However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation

and privacy.

For Claims, Contact:


Dr. Carter Savage

Phone: +44 704 574 2548


Provide him with your full names, contact information, ticket number and Serial number.

Accept my hearty Congratulations!

Your Faithfully
Mrs Steffan .K. Lloyds

Received from:

None of these are from legitimate global lotteries and are only after either your money or your personal details (identity theft).

To reiterate what we have said on this site before, you have to buy a ticket to be in a lottery. You will already know you are playing. Also no lottery administrator contacts a winner direct it is up to winners to contact them and show the winning ticket.

Certainly no lottery company would ever want money in advance or any personal details.

In general terms, if it seems too good to be true, it isn’t true.

Other resources you might find useful are listed below:

Global Lotteries: Lottery Fraud And How To Avoid It

Is it me or have the number of lottery scam emails increased recently? It is not enough for us here at to report on the British National Lottery, the European lottery and other global lotteries, we also have advised several people regarding the many lottery scams there are around.

In the last few weeks we have ourselves received an amazing number of fraudulent emails regarding not only lottery scams but also other attempts to extract money from us. But, as this is a lottery website, let’s look at the lottery emails.

Firstly, can we reiterate the rules for avoiding lottery scams:

1. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You never get something for nothing – particularly where money is concerned.

2. In lotteries, you will never, ever win anything unless you buy a ticket or join a syndicate. If you have not joined one of the many global lotteries you are not in it.

3. No lottery administrator will ever contact you if you have won. If you do think you have a winning lottery number you will have to contact the lottery company yourself.

4. At no time will any lottery administrator ask for your personal details or ask you to send money to them before releasing the prize. There is no exception to this.

The scammers are after your personal details (identity theft) or your money. Send either to them and you will start a nightmare you want to avoid at all costs.

If you do receive a fraudulent email, letter or telephone call you may want to refer it to your local law enforcement organization, government consumer department or one of the online fraud agencies (see some useful links below) but please DO NOT respond to the fraudsters.

Delete the email, burn the letter or put the telephone down.

These fraudsters are making millions from their victims. Please let’s shut them down.

Here are some example emails I have collected from kind correspondents:

Licensed & Registered
2 Monck Street, London OvSW1P 2BQ
Tel: +44 (0) 701-112-8490

This is to publicize the result of online liberated
gaming promo endowment apprehended in UK, March 2012.
Based on random assortment implementation from Millions
of e-mail Addresses World-Wide, your email address was
selected. Hence, the UK National lottery Incorporated©,
has approved you to collect the sum of £950,000.00 GBP.

Grant file: 60009878623: REF: NEA/020-09092012.

Contact our associated solicitor below for information to
disburse your prize of £950,000.00 GBP to you due to
condition of claim by winners resident outside of United Kingdom.


Michael Bakker Co & Law-Firm.
Esq. Michael Bakker (Appointed Payment Attorney)
TEL:+44 (0) 7700012683


Josef Huber
Fiduciary Agent

And a second, longer one:

UK National Lottery P O Box 1010 Liverpool, L70 1NL UNITED KINGDOM

(Customer Services)WINNING PARAMETERSRef Number: UK/9580X2/45Batch Number: 062/01/ZY469IDENTIFICATION NUMBER:{CPEL/OWN/9876}.

Congratulations Lucky Winner,According to the notification that you received. The notification mail sent to you is to inform you that you emerged as our lucky winner.and this explains how you became a winner, The online cyber lotto draws was conducted from an exclusive list of 21,000 e-mail addresses of individual and corporate bodies picked by an advanced automated random computer search from the internet, no tickets were sold. After this automated computer ballot, your e-mail address emerged as one of two winners in the category \\A\\

You are therefore been approved to claim the sum of a31,000,000,00 (One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings Only).Also, we do sincerely hope you will put part of your winnings into good use for community, educational and business development and also to render selfless services to the less privileged in your community. This office is in receipt of the information you provided for the processing of your lottery winnings of One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings (a31,000,000,00)  which was also forwarded to us from the ONLINE COORDINATOR OF THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY INC , your lottery funds of the sum of One Million, Great Britain Pound Sterlings (a31,000,000,00)  have been processed. I have forwarded your details, your file and original certificate to our associated COURIER COMPANY (SCARLET COURIER COMPANY) for verification and payment.  Now you are required to contact the SCARLET COURIER COMPANY yourself by writing an application for the release of your winnings to you.

The application should be presented to them in the below format and sent by email.CONTACT SCARLET COURIER COMPANY FOR YOUR WINNING PRIZE:Courier Name: Scarlet Courier Limited.Contact Person: Mr. Richard PetersonE-mail:- : +447017425121 Fax: +448447743319Note that you are to provide the Scarlet Courier Company with the required details below to officially identify you:1) Winner’s Full Names:2) Present Full Address:3) Telephone Number:4) Country\city :5) Occupation :6) Raffle Draw Winning Email:7) Amount Won:  Winning Reference Number:9) Winning Batch Number:10) Winning Transfer Identification code: ELPC/MWT/014311) Winning Certificate Number: UK/9876125

Having applied to the Courier, you are required to keep me updated of every correspondence and of progress with the Courier as soon as you are in contact with them because it is my responsibility, as your fiduciary agent, to ensure that you get paid and on time too. Again, it is important that you keep all your winning particulars and numbers personal and confidential until your prize money has been paid to you.  This is a security measure to avoid double claiming or/and impersonation.

Contact the Courier as soon as possible to avoid delays to your payment.  Should you have any difficulties whatsoever, do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr. Pinkett Griffin.Uk National Lottery Claims Agent.

And finally a simple one received here the other day:

Your mail id has won 1,000, 000.00 Pounds in the Uk Draw send:


Adolf Korczyk

These links may well be useful:

Previous articles on lottery fraud.

The British National Lottery and fraud.

The UK’s official  ActionFraud website.

FraudAid’s website.