Aston Martin: Ideal For a UK Lottery Winner

It is quite common to hear of a new UK lottery winner telling the press that he or she will be buying a new car with their winnings. Obviously the jackpot total will determine the car any UK lottery winner will choose, many just say ‘a new car,’ but it doesn’t stop those of us yet to match all the numbers from dreaming what we would choose.

One marque we might consider is celebrating 100 years of existence this year and, frankly, one of their models is on my dream list.

Aston Martin Virage on The Lawns of Wilton House


In 1913 Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin formed Bamford and Martin Limited, originally to sell Singer cars in London. Martin raced cars at Aston Hill near Aston Clinton in Buckinghamshire and Bamford and Martin decided to start making a limited number of their own cars.

The first car was a development of a 1908 Isotta-Franschini car but with a Coventry-Simplex engine. This model combined Lionel’s name and that of his favourite racetrack – Aston Martin.

The first production facilities were created on Abingdon Road, Kensington, London and began work in March 1915. Sadly the First World War intervened and both Bamford and Martin went off to fight.

Fortunately both men survived the war and restarted production at Abingdon Road. The years between the wars were difficult with ownership of the company changing hands several times but there was always an involvement in racing. In 1926, both Bamford and Martin had now left the company and production moved to a former aircraft works in Feltham, Middlesex.

The Second World War ensured production moved to aircraft components but, in 1947, tractor manufacturer David Brown Limited under the chairmanship of David Brown bought Aston Martin and resumed car production. It was he who leant his initials (DB) to subsequent models of cars right up to the present DB9.

Racing success continued, more (now highly collectable) models were produced and in 1963 the famous DB5, with its connection to James Bond, began production.

In the intervening years, like so many car companies, Aston Martin has had financial problems and several owners: including Ford between 1987 and 2007.

Aston Martin has always survived as it attracts people like a UK lottery winner with its classic designs and charisma. While many may buy Ferraris and Lamborghinis to make a statement, others, such as a UK lottery winner, buy an Aston Martin to show a certain restrained sophistication.

Cleverly the company has recently resumed an interest in motor racing, essential to keep a sporting heritage, particularly in GT racing. Sadly, however, he was at the wheel of an Aston Martin when Allan Simonsen died at the Le Mans 24-hour race earlier this year. But the Aston Martin image has been helped not only by the connection with James Bond but the use of Prince Charles’ DB6 as a going-away car at the Royal Wedding in 2011.

If you are a UK lottery winner and want one of these gorgeous cars, you have a choice between the Vantage, DB9, rare Zagato, a four-door Rapide or the beautifully designed recent addition, the Vanquish. Each still looks wonderful and that noise is spine tingling! Every drive is an event.

Don’t think either that a UK lottery winner would be forgotten by the company if he or she buys one of the cars. It is said the design of each individual car is held at the purpose-built factory at Gaydon in Warwickshire and, should the car need restoring, it can be done so to the original specifications. Aston Martin also have a dedicated servicing division.

So, if I should become a UK lottery winner, I will certainly be looking to add one of these cars to my garage!

Find out more about this remarkable marque at their website.


Best Lotteries To Play: How To Deal With Winning The Lottery

We all dream of selecting the best lotteries to play and winning the big jackpot but what is life really like if you do win?

Here are some features to bear in mind for that day when you find the winning lottery number and claim your life-changing prize. The information has been compiled specifically with the British National lottery or European lottery in mind but the information holds generally true for most of the global lotteries.

1. Double-check the numbers first.
 Check online with the official website of the lottery administrator (in the UK the site you want is Also ensure the ticket you hold has the correct date on it: so many players think they have won when their ticket is for the previous week’s draw!

If you play lotteries online or are a member of a syndicate, you should check the appropriate website or the syndicate leader to make sure. Many websites will contact you to confirm the win in any case – but only if you have already paid to play.

2. Keep that ticket secure.
 How would you feel if you had won a major prize but could not find the ticket? A lottery administrator will want to see it to confirm the win. You don’t necessarily need to lock it in the bank but you might consider finding a safe place such as a hidden strong box or even keep it close to you, perhaps in your purse or wallet. Some winners have kept their ticket in unusual places – such as in the freezer or in a Bible. The place is not important as long as it is safe and a place you can remember where it is!

Call the lottery administrator if a large win or, in the case of a smaller prize, return to the shop where you bought your ticket. Again, if you play lotteries online, you will have contacted the website or a syndicate leader, if appropriate.

Most lottery companies have an experienced team ready to help you from the first call, so you don’t need to feel apprehensive. Usually you will be asked to visit a lottery office to prove your identity and present the winning ticket. While you are there you will also meet experts who will advise you as to the next steps.

3. Go public or stay anonymous?
 This is a key decision to make, and one the lottery advisers will be happy to discuss with you.

Colin and Chris Weir broke records with their £161 million win in the European lottery in July and held a press conference to announce their good fortune. However, a few weeks later they had to go into hiding to avoid the begging letters and telephone calls. Other winners have successfully stayed anonymous and you might consider doing so too.

In other countries some lottery winners have held press conferences but have worn masks and have kept their names secret.

4. Open a new bank account.
 One of the advisors you will meet at the lottery office will be a representative from a bank. It is worth getting professional advice, as handling a large amount of money is a delicate task, if you are to make the most of the opportunity. Personally, I would consider hiring a reputable independent financial advisor: no doubt the lottery company would help you with that too.

Good professional advisors are a must, so ensure you choose well.

Bear in mind these days the money is transferred electronically to a bank account of your choice – the large cheque is purely for show.

5. Would you quit your job?
 Of course, this depends on the amount of money you win and your attitude to your job.

Nicky Cusack won £2.49 million in the UK lottery draw in 2009 and yet has returned to her job stacking shelves at her local Asda store. She told reporters she missed her friends at work and that she really did enjoy her job.

A man only known as ‘Alexandre’ won the French loto draw, left his job and then promptly bought the transport company he had worked for to save it from bankruptcy.

6. Relax and take a holiday.
 All lottery winners are advised to take a holiday after their win. The reason? It is often difficult to come to terms with your new-found wealth and it is invaluable to take your time making decisions rationally and calmly. A holiday will help you adjust.

Any winner who rushes headlong into decisions is more likely to make bad ones and not get the full benefit from their good fortune.

Bear in mind too that you may well get a ton of begging calls and letters so being away from home would be useful. Perhaps redirect your post and calls to someone employed to deal with them. Again, your lottery administrators will help with that: they usually have staff who will deal with the calls.

7. Have fun.
 The last tip is simply to enjoy yourself. Okay, you can use the money responsibly and it would be a mistake to be silly with the money but why not treat yourself a little?

Again, it depends on how much money you win, but, if you can afford it, why not get that car you wanted or the new house? Then you can settle down and think how you can use your winnings in the best way.

With the help now available, it is easy to survive winning large lottery prizes. Recent winners have made good use of their new fortune and have achieved great things. Gone are the days when those who draw the winning lottery number have their lives ruined.

What would you do if you won? It’s great fun to imagine so have a bit of fun and dream a little. Then play lotteries online with a site such as and see if you can bring those dreams into reality.

I hope you can put these tips into practical use very soon.

European Lottery: Dream A Little

The European lottery this week has rolled over again and the jackpot this Friday has reached the dazzling total of £105 million (€119 million or $169 million) after rolling over nine times.

The Eurolottery rules state that the jackpot can roll over a total of eleven times before being given to the next highest prize winner on the twelfth occasion so the total could get higher yet.

Many people will now be dreaming what it would be like to own that sort of money. To put it in perspective you would immediately become nearly as wealthy as Jamie Oliver (£106 million) and more than pop star David Bowie (£100 million).

If the money is won on Friday it will not break any records however; the highest single Eurolottery payout was £113 million in October last year but I’m sure the winner would not be complaining. Mind you, it could still rollover for two more draws!

What would you do with that kind of money? If you won the Eurolottery jackpot you would have the choice of the worlds most exotic cars and boats. The house of your dreams would easily be in your range. You could even afford your own island in the Caribbean. Yes, that’s true: take a look at the website.

Me? I would love to give money to charity and then use a proportion to invest in innovative ideas and companies. Play Dragons Den for real.

Go to to get your tickets and who knows what dreams may come true.


British National Lottery: How To Live Like Royalty

Were you like more than 2 billion people and bowled over by the Royal Wedding two months ago?

Let’s say you win the British National Lottery or one of the other global lotteries on offer, would you like to live like a prince or princess?

Well, to some extent you can. Finding the winning lottery number means you can experience some places annoyed by royalty. Obviously you can visit Westminster Abbey to see where the Wedding took place but also you could stay in a real castle, go to the horse races, enjoy a country estate or the opera or even shop where the rich and famous shop.

Read this article on the Visit Britain Super Blog for some more details and suggestions.