Eurolottery: Ayrshire Couple Win Record Jackpot

Earlier today the couple that had won the recent £161 million jackpot in the European lottery held a press conference in their hometown of Largs, Ayrshire.

Chris and Colin Weir were very sensible about their good fortune but didn’t sleep for two nights once they realized they had won. They checked the numbers from the television in the evening and had to wait until the next morning to register their win. Together they watched the sun rise before Chris dialed Camelot, the lottery administrators.

Both partners have had serious health problems in recent years that had prevented them working so the good luck is welcome. However they are not letting it all to get to their heads; Chris told reporters “We are not flashy people” and husband Colin observed, “With great wealth come great responsibility.”

Ideas for their future include travelling. Chris and Colin have always wanted to see the Great Wall of China and Ayers Rock and explore the art galleries of the world. The only other commitment they made was to buy homes for their two grown-up children.

We send very best wishes to the lucky couple for the future.

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