Eurolottery Draw: The New Major Jackpot Winners Revealed

The newest winners of the European lottery jackpot have been named. Gareth and Catherine Bull from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire became the latest winners of a massive Eurolottery jackpot on last Friday, the 20th January 2012.

Gareth is a self-employed builder and could not work because the rain prevented him completing a job. Instead he and his colleagues drove to a nearby shop and he bought a European lottery ticket using the Lucky Dip system, rather than selecting his own numbers.

As he usually does on a Friday, Gareth then checked his ticket against those listed on television. Catherine takes up the story: “He came into the bedroom as white as a sheet, the ticket was shaking in his hand and I knew soothing wasn’t right. When he tried to explain that he thought we had won, I thought he was pulling my leg.”

She was sure he was pulling her leg so they both checked the numbers together on the television and then, still not believing it, they looked online. As they looked the prize money seemed to increase. As Catherine puts it, “My head was in bits.”

Even thought the couple eventually realised the extent of their European lottery win and they had rung the lottery’s administrators, Camelot, to confirm their good luck, family life continued as normal that day: the children went to football, had a sleepover and friends came around in the evening.

What will they do with the Eurolottery money? As it happens the couple have already built their dream home but Gareth is looking to get a box at Old Trafford, home of his favourite team, Manchester United, a new Range Rover Sport, a trip to Disneyland, Florida for the whole family and perhaps a holiday villa. They have already bought an iPad with the money but they are not planning to change their way of life just yet.

Catherine, who works in health insurance, is relaxed about their good luck; “I’ve never been much of a shopper,” she says, ” although I would like a new upstairs landing carpet and I’d like to get my hair done more than twice a year!”

Clearly this is one family who considers the Eurolottery as one of the best lotteries to play!