Eurolottery: Pub Syndicate Wins On First Attempt

A group of staff and regulars in the Beech Tree pub in Heald Green, Cheshire have reasons to raise a celebratory glass after winning £1 million in the European lottery.

The syndicate of 25 members scooped the Millionaire Raffle prize – together with another £2.70 prize – at their first attempt at playing the Eurolottery draw on Friday.

The organiser of the syndicate, David Edwards, went and checked the winning lottery numbers in his local shop. He couldn’t believe what he saw so he checked again on the television. “I went into the pub and told everyone and they thought I was winding them up. It has been a bit of a party since.”

Each member, including landlord Steve Hough, will receive £40,000 from the European lottery organisers. Although none of them will be able to retire, the win will mean some useful changes in their lives.

Steve Hough has already booked a holiday to see family in Australia and will give his young son a great Christmas.

Dave Edwards (who has won smaller lottery prizes in the past) will use the money to get his Ford Fiesta on the road and update his house.

Samantha Dickenson, a barmaid in the pub, has lived in rented accommodation for ten years and got married in September. The Eurolottery win means she and her husband can now buy their own home for the first time.

The Eurolottery syndicate is called ‘the Mighty Reds’ after Manchester United football team, although there have been some grumblings from some members who support rivals Manchester City. Still, the European lottery win might make them feel a little happier!

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