European Lottery: The Millionaire Raffle

Twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday, the European Lottery is drawn with substantial rewards for players holding a winning ticket. You may have noticed however there is a second draw that takes place at the same time: the Millionaire Raffle.

What is this and how does it work?

The prize for this additional draw is the same every week, a guaranteed £1 million and there is one winner every week. On special occasions there may be more than one winner however.

This draw only takes place in the United Kingdom and every player of the Eurolottery is automatically entered into the Millionaire Raffle too. When the extra draw was introduced it was financed by an increase in the stake money to £2 a ticket.

In theory a player can win a prize in the European lottery and win the Millionaire Raffle too.

The odds of winning the £1 million prize vary according to the interest in the Eurolottery that week but generally the chances are better on a Tuesday (at around 1 in 3.5 million) than on a Friday (1 in 9.2 million).

There are differences from the main Euro Millions lottery. Firstly there is no rollover in the Millionaire Raffle; there is a winner every time. A player cannot choose their Millionaire Raffle number as this is automatically allocated by the system when the European lottery numbers are entered. The number given is unique and comprises three letters and six numbers (for example, SXY835528).

The winning number is drawn by an Automated Draw Machine, which is the industry’s standard equipment for selected draw numbers throughout the world. The draw is televised as part of the BBC Euro Millions Lottery programme and the ADM is rigorously tested by both Camelot (the lottery administrators) and the University of Hertfordshire.

The Millionaire Raffle gives players a second reason to be excited about the Eurolottery results!