European Lottery: Scottish Winners Get Involved

What would you do if you won a huge amount of money in the Eurolottery draw?

You may recall that the last record winners of the European lottery, Chris and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire, had conservative plans for the money they had won in July this year (see the story here). You may also recall that they then had to go into hiding as their decision to go public with their Eurolottery fortune lead to a torrent of begging letters.

The couple have now started to discover exactly what to do with their Eurolottery money. One decision has already led to controversy. The Weirs have always been supporters of independence for Scotland and have given £1 million to the Scottish National Party.

This donation should not be a major surprise as Mr. Weir did stand as an unsuccessful SNP candidate in the 1987 election.

The money given will help to fund the campaign for a referendum on the subject, despite a recent opinion poll that suggested the support for independence was on the wane.

But the couple made use of their European lottery win in other ways too.

Instead of luxury cars, they have bought themselves a couple of Suzukis, although they have bought cars for friends too. They have now move into a luxury house and have helped a long list of local good causes.

After all, the money they won from the Eurolottery draw was theirs to spend and they seem to be using it according to their consciences.

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