Global Lotteries: JOMBA! 2011


The British National Lottery is well known for it’s assistance with good causes, including it’s enormous contribution to the 2012 London Olympics, but of course other global lotteries help their communities too.

In South Africa, for example, the National Lottery Distribution Fund is supporting the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, an eleven-day arts festival starting on the 31 August.

The festival has been running for thirteen years and includes dancers from both South Africa and further afield. Helene Cathala will travel to the event from France to display her dancing skills and break dancers BBoyz-Junior and Stylistik, also from France, will also thrill the audiences. Equally, local artist Desire Davids from Durban will be showing a short dance film that is the second part of a work first shown at the event in 2010.

There will be acts from not only South Africa but the parts of the continent too. Faustin Linyekula from the Democratic Republic of the Congo for example will be presenting a work analyzing Africa after countries achieved independence.

The JOMBA! festival takes place in University of KwaZulu-Natal and around the city of Durban and includes a Fringe night to showcase new talent.

To find out more about the ZOMBA! dance festival, why not visit the Artlink website?

It is clear that, no matter which of the global lotteries you support, the local arts and community will benefit.