Global Lotteries: More Lottery Scams Appear

We all want to find the best lotteries to play and identify the global lotteries that will make our dreams come true.

Sadly too many people are still the victim of lottery scams that prey on our wish to win it big.

The Brooklyn Eagle newspaper recently warned residents in their area of the United States that a new lottery scam was operating in the vicinity. New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli reports that cheques are being received by potential victims together with a covering letter.

This letter is from a company calling itself either Guaranty Trust Inc., New York or Golden Gateway Financial, Division of Unclaimed Funds from Las Vegas or London.

The cheque is fake and the signature forged. The letter tells the recipients they have won a prize in the ‘American Lottery Sweepstakes Millions’ and that they should send money to claim the full prize.

Of course the money disappears and no prize is forthcoming.

At the same time, Bayshore Broadcasting in Canada reports a lady received an email telling her she had won a $5.5 million lottery in Australia.

Regrettably she replied to the email. A person pretending to be a doctor then persuaded her to send a $2500 ‘administration fee.’ Once she had sent that, the victim was then asked to send another $2850 as a ‘currency conversion fee.’

Needless to say, the lady has seen no winnings or even her money back.

If you receive any notice that you have won a lottery you did not pay to enter then ignore it. Never, ever, respond to any such communication. You will either lose money or personal information.

As Thomas DiNapoli explains, “An offer of easy money is usually too good to be true.”

One way to avoid the scams is to play lotteries online or visit your local shop to play one of the global lotteries.

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