Play Lotteries Online: Facebook Lottery Scam

Once again evidence showing why you can only rely on lottery tickets purchased in shops, or why it is good to play lotteries online, has shown itself. This time it involves a scam supposedly sourced from Facebook (it had to happen).

The American Better Business Bureau report bogus emails arriving in victim’s inboxes supposedly from Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. The emails claim the recipient is the winner of $1 million in the Facebook 2011 Sweepstakes.

Curiously the email goes on to claim the prize will be released from the Facebook office in England and victims are asked to click on a link. As so often happens there is a paragraph requesting complete confidentiality: this of course ensures the recipient does not discuss the email with anybody else and so discover it is a fraud.

Of course the email is not from Facebook at all but from some shadowy scammer somewhere in the world.

As usual there are several clues to prove the email is bogus. Firstly in this case the office is “in England.” Why this would be case in a legitimate lottery is unclear but certainly anyone from or familiar with the country would be more likely to describe it as ‘Britain’ or the ‘United Kingdom’ than just ‘England.’ Equally, as has been said so often, no lottery organizer will send an unexpected message to say someone has won their lottery – you will know already that you have bought a ticket or that you already play lotteries online. The emails always contain bad spelling or grammar or other mistakes, such as the reference to ‘England’ already mentioned.

Such scams are simply out to part you either from your details (and therefore your identity) or your money (in the form of some ‘administrative fee’ or similar).

If you do get such an email you can report it to the authorities closest to you and/or delete it. Never get involved in any way.

See more about these fraudulent emails at the Better Business Bureau website.

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