Play Lotteries Online: A New Lottery Scam In Florida



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A new twist on lottery scams has been reported by a local website in Florida in the USA.

A pair of confidence tricksters has approached elderly people in the areas of Brandon and Tampa. One is a young woman of Hispanic origins and the other an older bearded man.

The two approach their victims and tell them they have won a lottery payout but they need to borrow some money to cover expenses in claiming their winnings.

Incredibly the victims have given the tricksters several thousand dollars each time.

The ploy ends when the couple ask their victim to visit a store on their behalf. Not surprisingly, whilst he or she is inside the criminals disappear.

This scam is a new angle on previous versions where victims are told they have won a lottery prize but need to pay money in advance of receiving their winnings. The money is paid and nothing more is heard.

The reality is of course that no money is ever needed upfront to claim a lottery prize. Winners will already know if they have won from the wide publicity given to lottery draw winning numbers and will also have purchased a ticket or a place on a lottery syndicate.

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