Global Lotteries: Australians Win Big

In July 2009 two players of one of the global lotteries shared a total jackpot of Aus$106 million. The huge jackpot in the Australian Oz Lotto drew record numbers of players with Aus$210 million of tickets purchased.

The original jackpot was Aus$90 million but the huge number of purchases pushed this figure higher. The total prize money for the whole lottery was Aus$177 million.

The two players who drew the winning lottery number lived at opposite ends of the country – one in Queensland and one in Adelaide – and received Aus$53 million each.

The gentleman in Adelaide was in his 40s and had played regularly for 20 years. He asked an official from the lottery how much he had won, believing it to be in the region of Aus$2 or 3 million. Fortunately he has been able to stay anonymous and is hopefully leading a very happy life now.

The odds of such a win in the Oz Lotto are 1 in 45 million but then someone has to win. There is a second Australian lottery, the Powerball, and the odds in this are 1 in 54 million.

The development of the Internet means that anyone in the world can play these global lotteries. You can on either or

The jackpot for the next Australian Powerball lottery currently stands at Aus$30 million and Aus$20 million for the Oz Lotto.