Global Lotteries: New York Mega Millions Winners

Winners’ stories come in from all round the world from each of the global lotteries available to play online.

One such story concerns one of the best lotteries to play: the Mega Millions draw in the USA. Seven coworkers from the New York division of Housing and Community Renewal won the $319 million jackpot in this draw earlier this year.

Mike Barth bought the winning ticket from a store in Albany, New York on 23 March. Ironically he was about to buy a ticket when he leaned down to collect a Snickers bar too. Another customer cut in front of him to take a ticket so Mike had to settle for the next one – the winning ticket!

The group doesn’t always play the lottery and only start when the jackpot creeps above $100 million. Another group member Gabrielle Mahar was first to realize they had won and she rang her supervisor, also a member of the lottery group, Kristin Baldwin. The other members thought they were the victims of a practical joke at first when they heard from fellow workers on a Saturday morning but the reality soon sank in.

Each member received $28,971,029 before tax and each has different uses for their winnings. Some are less ambitious than others: Mahar has her eyes on a dishwasher, another wants to go everywhere first class and a third wants to go to every Disney theme park available. For Mike Barth he simply wants a set of new tyres for his car and a college education for his son “not based on where he can go, but where he wants to go.”

Global lotteries are changing lives all the time!

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