Best Lotteries to Play: French Lottery Winners



While there have been many big lottery wins throughout the world, France has had some of the biggest and most interesting lottery winners of all-time. This is certainly no surprise either because France offers some of the best lotteries to play, and jackpots often reach €10 million in the French Loto. Now that we’ve established this, let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest/most interesting French lottery winners.

A Man of Integrity

A Frenchman named Jean-Pierre was a beneficiary of one of the aforementioned €10 million jackpots, and he became a big story after winning. The tale began when Jean-Pierre, his wife, and another couple had been playing the lottery together for over three years. One night, they all went out on Christmas to buy some tickets together; much like in the past, they failed to win anything significant after buying €10 worth of tickets.

The following week, Jean-Pierre decided to play the lottery by himself with the exact same numbers in early 2011. And this turned out to be an excellent decision after Jean-Pierre ended up winning a €10 million jackpot. Now at this point, most people might be willing to share the jackpot with their wife, but not the couple who they hung out with. However, the man in his mid-60’s saw no reason to hold out on long-time friends despite the fact that he’d won the jackpot all by himself.

Jean-Pierre went about telling the other couple in a unique way by asking for their share of the €10 in weekly tickets. Once they paid him, he split the jackpot four ways, which amounted to €2.5 million per person. He spoke with about his decision by saying, “It’s normal that we should share the money as we’ve known each other for 22 year.” He also added, “I went to see them and asked them to give me the usual €5 they contributed every week, and when they did, I told them we had all won €10 million.”

Early Retirement

An anonymous woman who had been spending €24 per week on the French Loto for years finally saw her faith pay off in the form of a €4 million jackpot on January 13th, 2010. Following the win, she told reporters, “I’ve dreamed of this day and I’ve kept playing.” Immediately after hitting the €4 million jackpot, she quit her job as part of an early retirement.

Regarding the winning ticket, the woman claimed to be pretty calm until it was time to cash in the ticket. However, her husband had quite a different story about the situation as he said, “We had a very bad night, we just stayed awake.” Fortunately, the bad night didn’t detract from the overall feeling in the win, and the couple said the money will help them, “travel to please our children and their families.”

Saving the Company

Most people would love to splurge on fancy cars and lavish vacations after winning a €10 million lottery jackpot. However, a man named “Alexandre” chose to save his former company with his newly won €10 million French Loto jackpot. Alexandre used to be a lorry (truck) driver, and the company he worked for was facing a grim future.

But after winning the jackpot, Alexandre chose to buy out the struggling company and become its new CEO. He spoke about the decision by telling reporters, “I had the means to invest and save jobs, and it’s a world I know well. In fact it has been my life. That’s not something you can give up from one day to another.” But he’s cautious about the future after stating, “If I see we’re losing too much money, then I’ll quit.”

As you can see from the big jackpots that people have won through the French Loto, this is no doubt one of the best lotteries to play.