New Zealand Lottery Winner Stays Anonymous

Three Ferraris in New York

After several days of speculation, the winner of New Zealand’s Christmas Powerball lucky lottery has finally come forward.

The newest lottery winner has elected to stay anonymous after winning a cool $13 million in the draw on Christmas Day.

The lottery ticket which won it’s purchaser $12 991 369 was bought in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore. Although the lucky lottery player has a right to privacy it is known he is retired and bought the lottery ticket following a small win on a sporting bet. He felt his luck was good and so it seems.

He found out about his good fortune on Boxing Day and had a special meal to celebrate. Lucky lottery winners find unusual places to hide the winning lottery ticket and this gentleman was no exception. As the news had set his heart racing, he tucked the ticket into his heart monitor!

He is quoted as saying, “”I just felt numb, and then felt my heart racing, it was hard to believe that I had the winning ticket in my wallet.”

Local companies and charities will apparently see some of the money but this lottery winner is looking to pay off his mortgage and help members of his family. He is especially keen to help emerging athletes.

It is clear this lottery winner may be thinking about a new car too. “There is a Ferrari dealership not far from the Lotteries office, so I might go and visit them today,” he said.

Lottery tickets for the New Zealand Powerball draw are available online at the Lotter website, along with those of more than 50 other lotteries.