TV Editor Wins The Mega Millions Lottery

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One evening in May 2010, Gilbert Cisneros had just finished jury service having previously lost his job. He decided he wanted something to eat but his wife, Jacki, wanted to eat at KFC whilst Gilbert fancied something else. So Gilbert went out on his own.

He decided to eat Mexican but found it would cost $8 to park so he ended up at a Hawaiian restaurant instead. Whilst there he decided to buy ten lottery tickets for the multi-state Mega Millions lottery.

A few nights later, Jacki, who is a news night editor with KNBC television heard the winner of the Mega Millions had bought the lucky lottery ticket in Pico Rivera, California where she and Gilbert live.

She checked the ticket and screamed when she realized their lottery tickets had just won them $266 million. “I felt like my legs were going to fall out from beneath me,” she said.

She immediately rang Gilbert, who was in bed, at 2am and woke him up. She also rang and woke up a friend with the news. Having thought about the alternative, Jacki then decided to finish her shift before going home.

Interviewed on NBC the next day, lottery winner Jacki told interviewers she would carry on working, as she could not imagine doing anything else. Both she and Gilbert said they would like to “do the right thing” with the money and “give it back to those who need it” but they would buy a house too.

The owners of L&L Hawaiian Barbecue restaurant where Gilbert bought the winning lottery ticket are not complaining either: according to the rules the restaurant receives $1.3 million for selling the lucky lottery ticket.

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