Welcome To The MegaMillions Draw

The US MegaMillions draw is the biggest lottery in the country and has the largest prizes. The record for one jackpot in the draw stands at $390 million and was presented to two lucky lottery winners from Georgia in March 2007.

The draw started life on August 31 1996 as The Big Game with lottery tickets purchased in the six states of Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Georgia and Illinois. The seventh member state was New Jersey, which joined in 1997.

New York and Ohio signed up in May 2002 and the draw was renamed Mega Millions with a changed matrix and better prizes.

Washington joined in September of that year, followed by Texas in December 2003 and California in June 2005.

The Mega Millions draw became much larger as a result of a historic agreement in January 2010 when 23 other state lotteries merged with it and sold the Mega Millions lottery tickets.

Alongside the large jackpot sums to be enjoyed by any lottery winner, other prizes are available ranging from $2 to $250 000.

The distribution of the money from lottery tickets sold varies from state to state but generally half on the revenue is paid out to lucky lottery winners in prize money, 35% is invested in Government services in the member states and the remainder covers the retailers’ commissions and operating costs.

Mega Millions lottery tickets are available from the Lotter with discounts available when you purchase five or more.

The jackpot for the draw on Friday 17 December presently stands at $123 000 000.