Is It Worth Playing Powerball and Mega Millions Anymore?



Lotteries are not a modern invention and have been around for quite a while; it looks like they are here to stay. Some of the most popular competitions such as the Powerball and USA Mega Millions have changed their rules over the course of time, and not all of the changes were for the better. For the vast majority of players, it is less important if the odds have reduced or improved because they know that regardless of the changes they are still underdogs. The prospect of winning huge jackpots is alluring enough, but switched on players would still like to know more about their chances of winning prizes.

The New Powerball Unveiled

The rules of the game have changed slightly but they are just as easy to understand and given the fact that players have virtually no control over the outcome of the game, many dismiss them as irrelevant. Essentially a player selects five numbers ranging between 1 and 59 and another one called the Powerball, which should range between 1 and 39. This means that in order to cash in on the big jackpot, you need to be terribly lucky because the odds of hitting all of the numbers are roughly 1 in 200 millions.

It is obvious that one needs to be an incurable optimist to actually expect to win the jackpot, but given the huge amounts and the success stories, very few will let the odds hurts their morale. Powerball might not be a solution for those who need a way to cover imminent expenses, but those who dream about incredible prizes will stick to this game until the bitter end. The new rules made it even more difficult to win, but while everyone immediately thinks about the jackpot when hearing about Powerball, there are also lower prizes waiting to be won.

A Decent Prize Even Without A Powerball

For a lottery ticket to qualify for the jackpot, all the five chosen numbers and the Powerball need to match. If the Powerball doesn’t agree, the player can still collect a decent prize and in this case the odds are somewhere around the value of one in 5 million. These prizes are won on a weekly basis but the jackpot is somewhat of a rarity and with each week that passes without a winner being decided, the jackpot grows.

The reason why this happens is that the insignificant odds demand a huge number of tickets to be sold in order for all of the possible combinations to be covered. Since this rarely happens the prize pool grows steadily until someone is lucky enough to cash in on the jackpot, and these are the moments that we hear about when watching TV. While the odds of winning are dismal, players can find the consolation in the fact that no one would bother rigging a game that puts players at too much of a disadvantage.