Latest Lottery News Brings Relief to Victim of Stolen Ticket Case

Whenever a lottery player realizes they have won the jackpot, he or she always finds a safe place to hide to secret the ticket before they can claim their prize. In the latest lottery news this week however one poor winner nearly lost his ticket to an unscrupulous staff member at his local store.

Robert Miles of Syracuse, New York bought a scratch-off ticket in his local convenience store in October 2006. He realized he had won money and recognized the sum was a life-changing $5 million. Shop assistant Andy Ashkar, son of the store’s owners, managed to persuade Miles that he had in fact only won $5000 and offered to buy it off him for $4000.

American Convenience Store at Night

Strangely the latest lottery news shows that Ashkar waited five years to claim the winnings. In March 2012 he finally turned up at the lottery office and offered to take a lesser amount in return for anonymity.

The lottery authorities smelt a rat and issued a news release to see if anyone else claimed the ticket. Robert Miles contacted the police, who then approached the lottery company on behalf of Miles.

During a long trial, a colleague of Robert Miles, Ramon Rosario, testified that he had been with Miles outside the store when they scratched off the two cards they had bought and that Mile shad become excited when he realized he had won the jackpot. Miles then returned alone into the store. The situation was further complicated by the fact that Miles and Rosario had been using drugs that day.

Ashkar was finally sentenced in July this year to a minimum of eight and a third years with a possible maximum of 25 years for the fraud. Unfortunately Robert Miles’ troubles were not yet over as it was only on the 23 August that the latest lottery news reported that a judge finally decided he was entitled to the winnings.

Miles told the court, “For 6 years I suffered, my family suffered, because I was taken advantage of.”

Ashkar took advantage of the rule that says stores can only pay out up to $600 in winnings and any higher amount has to claimed directly from the lottery administrators.

It is not clear what Robert Miles will do with his winnings but no doubt the latest lottery news will report his intentions. I should imagine he is just relieved that his ordeal is over.

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Two Taxi Drivers Save Elderly Lady From Scammers Email


Black and White Image of Cab Driver Leaning Against His Car

As discussed in previous articles, lottery scams are still very common. The criminals who operate the fraud are very clever and persuasive: often they form a relationship over a long period of time, which convinces their victims they are genuine.

Sadly what seems to be a genuine lottery win is often simply a criminal, or group of criminals, trying to get money from their victim, either directly or via their personal details.

Hopefully more and more people are beginning to understand the problem and are turning away when approached in this way. Too many times however, vulnerable victims are being caught and are losing huge amounts of money.

A particularly galling aspect of this crime is the victims are often too embarrassed to admit they have been duped or, even worse, they do not believe well-meaning people who advise them to pull away from the influence fraudsters hold over their victims.

Wink News in Florida, USA recently reported on two taxi drivers who acted when a regular customer looked like she was falling for the persuasive story of one of these criminals.

Jackson Jackreese is a driver with a local cab firm and became concerned when an elderly passenger told him she had won a global international lottery and had to send a stranger a money order of thousands of dollars. The taxi driver acted quickly and told of his worries to the police and bank staff who were able to stop the issuing of the money.

Such was the influence of the fraudsters however that the lady became annoyed with Mr. Jackreese’s actions and stopped using his company. She started using another taxi firm but did not expect what happened next.

Once again the victim took a taxi to her bank to issue a money order to the scammers. Her driver this time, Tony Strong, also picked up on what was happening and told bank officials who once again put a hold on the money. He also reported the whole affair to the local place fraud unit.

We can only hope the lady concerned has understood the situation and will not send any money.

Read the whole story on the website.

Please treat any unsolicited claim of lottery winnings with suspicion and do nothing but report the correspondence to your local police.

Lottery Latest News: Beware Lottery Fraud


Lottery Fraud Message On Smartphone

For some time now we at have been warning of the large number of scams purporting to be from lottery administrators announcing that the recipient has won a large prize. Scammers email, phone, text or mail to say that the money can be made available if the victim either provides their personal details or sends an amount of money as an ‘administration fee’ (or some other plausible reason).

The KDSK programme, 5 On Your Side, described such scams in the St. Louis, Missouri area on their website, Scammers are to be found operating from a wide variety of countries, including Canada and Nigeria, but the threat to Americans seems to be largely from Jamaica, for some reason (read our article on the Jamaican fraudsters).

The sad truth is that many innocent people are losing their life savings to these people, who are netting millions of pounds or dollars every year. Police forces in the originating countries are moving in to crack down on this crime but the industry is still booming nonetheless.

The only real way to combat this dreadful crime is to educate potential victims so they do not respond to such approaches.

No matter where the source of the scammers email (or whatever media they use), the rules are always the same:

1. To be in a lottery, you must have first bought a ticket or joined a syndicate. No lottery will operate without participants buying tickets; if you have not paid for your entry, you are not going to win a prize.

2. Lottery administrators NEVER send you any sort of notification of your winning a prize. It is always up to you to claim your prize by approaching them.

3. Never, ever provide personal details or send money to anyone who approaches you unexpectedly. A scammers email or letter can look very official and texts and telephone calls can be very persuasive but do not respond.

Do not even click on links within the email as they can download viruses or other malware to your computer. Equally, do not press any button on your phone if prompted by a telephone caller or message: in such a situation you may well be passed through to a premium rate number, for which you will pay.

4. If any other evidence is needed, a scammers email or letter will use strange language that indicates that English is not the user’s first language. If anything rings alarm bells, go with your gut feeling and back away.

5. The best response is to do nothing at all. Delete the fraudsters email, destroy the letter, put down the telephone, or delete the text. You cannot be caught out if you refuse to play along. Your local police force might be interested however so you might consider taking the letter, copy of the email, the text or details of the telephone call to them.

The old adage ‘if it seems to good to be true, it probably is not true’ is very appropriate.

Please do not encourage these criminals.

To find out more about UK lottery draw scams, visit the National Lottery website. The ActionFraud website is also useful.

Global Lotteries: The Thieves Keep Up The Pressure

In my time reviewing the European lotteryBritish National Lottery and other global lotteries, I have received quite a few enquiries regarding lottery scams online. Over the last month I too have received a great many fraudulent emails, some of them regarding supposed lotteries.

Below are three examples of those I have received in case they help people who are unsure how legitimate they are. The answer is: they are scams.

Received 20 June 2012:

We are please to announce to you that your email address emerged along
side 4 others as a category winner in this year’s weekly Publishers
Clearing House PCH lotto.
You have won One million dollars and have been approved for a total pay
out of One million us dollars
($1,000,000.00 USD)

The following particulars are attached to your lotto payment order

winning numbers :7-1-4-8-7 -3 email ticket

number: FL 654/29/75

Contact claims officer with the Contact info below

Mr. Todd Sloan


Winners must send their

1.Name in full:






7.Phone number:

8.Present Country:

This information is to process the immediate payment of your winning prize.
Best Regards,

Mr. Danial carpenter

Publishers Clearing

Received from:


Received 21 June 2012:

21 June 2012

– Hello Dear,
This is Allen and Violet Large i and my wife are the winner of Atlantic
Lottery this year 2012,and from our winning funds of 7 Million Pounds
Sterling’s we have a donation of 1.5 Million Pounds Sterling’s to support
churches, fire departments, cemeteries and the Red Cross. And after you have done this good job please feel
free to reimburse yourself with 40% of the funds.

I want to let you know that we have checked through your country chambers of
commerce and we found out that you are a good person and can handle the job
for it purpose. You will have to contact my Pastor,Mr. Lawrence Raymond Larson to
release the 1.5 Million Pounds Sterling’s to you on his e-mail address only
below with the following details,

1 Full name…………
2 Full residential…
3 Occupation ……
4 phone number:…….
5 Country…………
6 Age………..
7 Sex.,……….
8 Phone number….
9 Country……

Name: Pastor Lawrence Raymond Larson
E-Mail Address:

Mr.& Mrs. Large

Received from:

Received 21 June 2012:


Dear Winner,

We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annual final draws held today by Pepsi
Bottling Company in conjunction with the British Online Lottery, which won you the sum of 250,000 pounds.

Your e-mail address registered to ticket number: 56475600545 188 with Serial number 5368/02 won you the

sum of 250,000 pounds in a BANK CERTIFIED CHECK, credited to file: BOL/9023118308/03

Email addresses where randomly selected by a ballot system picked from a large mass of email addresses from

Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Match and other well known social networks and email providers.

However, no tickets were sold but all email addresses were assigned to different ticket numbers for representation

and privacy.

For Claims, Contact:


Dr. Carter Savage

Phone: +44 704 574 2548


Provide him with your full names, contact information, ticket number and Serial number.

Accept my hearty Congratulations!

Your Faithfully
Mrs Steffan .K. Lloyds

Received from:

None of these are from legitimate global lotteries and are only after either your money or your personal details (identity theft).

To reiterate what we have said on this site before, you have to buy a ticket to be in a lottery. You will already know you are playing. Also no lottery administrator contacts a winner direct it is up to winners to contact them and show the winning ticket.

Certainly no lottery company would ever want money in advance or any personal details.

In general terms, if it seems too good to be true, it isn’t true.

Other resources you might find useful are listed below: