British National Lottery Results: Saturday 3 September 2011


Lovers embracing on the beach at sundown on Morro Strand Beach


The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Saturday 3 September 2011 were:


04 – 17 – 20 – 26 – 29 – 36 Bonus: 31


There was no winner of the £4 172 628 jackpot so this will roll over to the next draw.

551 341 players did however win prizes totalling £9 052 421 – the prizes themselves ranged from £10 to £85 592.

After the rollover, the jackpot total for the next UK lottery draw on Wednesday 7 September 2011 currently stands at £6 600 000.

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Global Lotteries: JOMBA! 2011


The British National Lottery is well known for it’s assistance with good causes, including it’s enormous contribution to the 2012 London Olympics, but of course other global lotteries help their communities too.

In South Africa, for example, the National Lottery Distribution Fund is supporting the JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, an eleven-day arts festival starting on the 31 August.

The festival has been running for thirteen years and includes dancers from both South Africa and further afield. Helene Cathala will travel to the event from France to display her dancing skills and break dancers BBoyz-Junior and Stylistik, also from France, will also thrill the audiences. Equally, local artist Desire Davids from Durban will be showing a short dance film that is the second part of a work first shown at the event in 2010.

There will be acts from not only South Africa but the parts of the continent too. Faustin Linyekula from the Democratic Republic of the Congo for example will be presenting a work analyzing Africa after countries achieved independence.

The JOMBA! festival takes place in University of KwaZulu-Natal and around the city of Durban and includes a Fringe night to showcase new talent.

To find out more about the ZOMBA! dance festival, why not visit the Artlink website?

It is clear that, no matter which of the global lotteries you support, the local arts and community will benefit.

European Lottery Results For Friday 22 July 2011


Fit Young Woman Sits Gazing Over Beautiful River Valley


The results of the European lottery last night (Friday 22 July 2011) were:


04 – 15 – 23 – 49 – 50 Lucky Stars: 02 – 06


Millionaire Raffle:




Two more lucky players shared the jackpot of £13,225,500 – each receiving £6 612 750.

Another 3 102 903 won prizes from a prize total of £2 896 498.80 – the individual prizes totalled between £2.60 and an enjoyable £107 259.60.

The jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Tuesday 26 July 2011 currently stands at a life-changing £13 000 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 20 May 2011

Ferrari F50 in Ferrari Showroom


The Eurolottery results for last night, Friday 20 May 2011, were:

10 – 14 – 20 – 25 – 42 Lucky Stars: 08 – 11

Millionaire Raffle:


One lucky lottery player walked away with a cool £24 115 451 jackpot and another player took the £1 000 000 Millionaire Raffle prize.

As usual there were lots of other winners, 3 048 543 to be exact, and they shared a massive £3 804 473.10 with prizes ranging from £2.50 to £163 385.50.

The jackpot for the next European lottery on Tuesday 24 May 2011 currently stands at a very useful £13 000 000.

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British National Lottery Results For Saturday 7 May 2011



Couple Paddling In The Sunset At Goa


The results for the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Saturday were:


17 – 18 – 24 – 29 – 35 – 48 Bonus: 03

Saturday was an especially lucky day for one lottery player as the £4 607 457 jackpot was won by somebody.

Another 520 270 also won prizes totalling £9 197 217 receiving individual payouts of between £10 and £83 392.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw (the Lotto) on Wednesday 11 May 2011 currently stands at £2 400 000.

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The British National Lottery and the Olympics Update


The Olympic Stadium In London Under Construction In 2010


There is still over a year until the 2012 Summer Olympic Games take place, but both London and the British National Lottery are gearing up for this special event. London is currently in the midst of preparations for when they host the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, while the National Lottery is working on raising £2.2 billion for the events.


The proceeds from the National Lottery will help fund five new sports facilities for the 2012 Olympic Games including Olympic Stadium, Handball Arena, Hockey Centre, VeloPark and the Aquatics Centre. The highlight of the sports facilities will no doubt be the 80,000-seat Olympic Stadium, which will host the track and field events, as well as the opening and closing ceremonies. Work on Olympic Stadium began in the spring of 2008, and should be finished in 2011. In fact, Olympic officials are ready to begin testing the facilities by the summer of 2011.


International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogue is very pleased with the progress of Olympic Stadium and the other facilities as he said, “I am in no doubt that in 2012, we will see a great Games that will make a difference to us all.”


All of the facilities will be built in the Queen Olympic Park district of London, and the area will house athletes in addition to the aforementioned stadiums. London’s mayor Boris Johnson is very excited about the developments as he said, “Not since Georgian England has London seen such an ambitious and comprehensive vision for a new district.” As far as what is to become of the area once the Olympic Games are over with, plans are in the works for homes, businesses, leisure facilities and parks.


Going back to the £2.2 billion that is being raised for these projects, £750 million of the money will come from special lottery games that the National Lottery is holding. There will be 10 Scratch Card Olympic Games listed under the special games section, which include Blazing 7’s, Monster Money, Double Red Hot 7, Mystic Dog, Money Spider, Triple Cash, Royal 7’s, Lucky 7’s, Super 7’s and Winner’s Luck. In addition to the Scratch Card Olympic Games, there will also be 34 Interactive Instant Win Olympic Games. The “good cause” portion of revenue from all of these games will go towards the Olympic Lottery Distribution Fund (OLDF).


The remaining £1.45 billion that’s set to be donated towards the 2012 Olympic Games will come from the main National Lottery drawings. Of course, donating money to a charitable cause is nothing new for the National Lottery because the organization has donated over £24 billion since beginning operation in 1994. 28% of the money from every ticket sale goes towards charity, while 50% goes towards funding the jackpot drawings.


Perhaps this is a big reason why the National Lottery offers some of the biggest jackpots out of any lottery in the world. The EuroMillions, which is under the same umbrella as the National Lottery, once paid out a £134 million jackpot! This lottery has offered several other lotteries worth over £100 million too.


British National Lottery Results For Saturday 2 April 2011


Old House And Green Garden


The results of the UK Lottery Draw (the Lotto) on Saturday were:

12 – 14 – 32 – 44 – 48 – 49   Bonus: 25

There were two lucky lottery jackpot winners who each receive £2 388 987 – a wonderful total of £4 777 974.
In addition to these, there were another 514 950 winning players. They won their share of a total of £9 308 738 with prizes ranging from £10 to £367 536.
The next UK Lottery Draw (the Lotto) will be made on Wednesday 6 April 2011 and the jackpot for that already stands at £2 400 000.

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European Lottery Results For Friday 1 April 2011


View Of Luxury Yacht In Blue Sea With Blue Sky

Last nights Eurolottery results were:

04 – 17 – 21 – 22 – 33  Lucky Stars: 04 – 08

    MIllionaire Raffle:



    There was a Millionaire Raffle winner of course but there was also one jackpot winner of the main draw and that person takes away a cool £13 269 000.

    In the meantime an amazing 2 215 268 players share £2 832 969.30 in other prizes ranging from £5.10 to £27 671.80.

    The jackpot for the next Eurolottery draw on Friday 8 April 2011 currently stands at an exciting £13 000 000.

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    European Lottery Results For Friday 25 March 2011



    Two Boats In A Perfect Blue Sea With White Sands, Maldives


    The Eurolottery results for Friday nights draw were:

    06 – 12 – 21 – 27 – 33 Lucky Stars: 03 – 07

    Millionaire Raffle:


    The wonderful news is there were two winners of the £121 722 017 jackpot. Check your tickets as you may have won your share and that would be a staggering £60 861 008.50!

    There was of course a winner of the MIllionaire Raffle and 4 933 283 other winners of smaller prizes ranging from £5.40 to £260 835.50. The total for the lesser prizes was £9 959 412.30.

    Following this exciting result, the estimated jackpot for the next Eurolottery on Friday 1 April 2011 is no joke at £13 000 000.

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    Old Mill Answers A Modern Problem

    Eling Tide Mill From The Mill Pond

    There has been a flour mill in the village of Eling just outside Southampton since at least 1418, the date of the earliest known lease of the mill.

    There is evidence showing a Roman road passing through Eling and, as the mill stands on the causeway crossing the river Bartley Water, it is likely the road passed the same point. Was there a mill there then? It’s not impossible as two mills in Eling were recorded in the Domesday Book of 1086.

    The corn is ground in the mill using the variation in level between the water in front of the mill (Eling Creek, at the end of the Southampton Water inlet) and in the river itself. The causeway is used as a dam and the sluices are closed at high tide so the water is trapped in the river channel.

    Once the tide in Eling Creek starts to fall the sluices leading to the water wheels below the mill are raised. The water from the river falls to the Creek, driving the water wheels on the way. One of these wheels is presently attached to fully functioning mill stones and the mill produces high quality flour (I know, I have a large bag downstairs).

    Eling has the advantage of having two high tides a day as a result of the Isle of Wight, which stands at the mouth of Southampton Water, and so is able to grind more flour.

    The present mill was built in 1785 and is now owned by Totton and Eling town Council. It is run as a very interesting tourist attraction with a small shop, along with a tea room, visitor centre and museum opposite.

    Eling Tide Mill has two water wheels, only one is used for flour production. The second wheel has been left in decay but recently the Town Council has made an application to turn the unused wheel into a hydro-electric generator using the power of the tide.

    This means that the mill can produce entirely environmentally and reliable electricity twice a day. The output will be sold to the National Grid and will be enough to provide power to a row of houses.

    The project and a refurbishment will cost £1 million, much of which is expected to come from a grant from the British National Lottery.

    There will be more on this project here on in the future.

    Money from the UK lottery draw has to date provided more than £1 billion to finance deserving projects in the arts, heritage and sports.

    Find out more about Eling Tide Mill and the National Lottery Good Causes.