British National Lottery Scam Reported in India


This lottery scam in the name of the British National Lottery was recently reported on the India Complaints website.
An email was received saying the following:

Wednesday December 01st
Draw No. 1559 20 21 22 24 27 34 BONUS 29

Dear Winner…

This is to inform you that you have won a prize cash of seven hundred and fifty thousand Great Britain Pound Sterlings (750,000.00) for the month of December 2010 Lottery promotion which is organized by BBC ONE LOTTERY on our 2010 CHARITY/AWARDS

We Congratulate you for being one of the five person selected.

The draw no.1559 brought out your e-mail address from a Data Base of Internet Email Users and qualified
you a bonafied winner of the stated winning amount.

How ever you will have to fill and submit the informations below to the Claims Manager
1.Full name…………..
2. Contact Address……
3. Age. ……………….
4. Telephone Number……
5. Sex…. …………….

Claims Manager
Mr. Scott Mills

Clearly this is a scam for these reasons:

1. The BBC only broadcast the draw and do not get involved in the organization of the British National Lottery.
2. There are some basic errors of grammar and language that indicate the author does not have English as his or her first language.
3. No lottery organization contacts winners – the winners have to approach them.
4. The British National Lottery organizers would never ask you to reveal personal information in this way (there is no doubt this email is an attempt to steal the recipients identity – and perhaps later also get money out of that person).
5. To be in a lottery you have to buy a ticket or join a syndicate. If you have done neither then you are not in the lottery.

Ironically Scott Mills is a very good disc jockey on BBC Radio but would, I think, be upset to find his name is being misused in this way!

Please, please, if you receive a similar email or letter destroy it immediately or pass it on to the relevant fraud authority. NEVER follow it up.

These people make too much money from unsuspecting people: please do not become one of them. Let’s shut off their source of income or these scams will continue.