Lottery Latest News: Jackpot Winner Stays Anonymous


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There have been a number of debates as to whether it is better for a winner on a global international lottery to make the win public or to stay anonymous.

One winner of the British National Lottery jackpot has decided the best thing is to stay quiet.

A player of the UK lottery draw living in Hampshire has decided to keep the news to himself, Camelot, the administrators of the British National Lottery have announced. The lucky player matched all the numbers in the draw on Saturday 26 January 2013 and collects £1,314,707 – one third of the jackpot as two other winners matched the same numbers. We believe it is a gentleman that has won and that he played online.

Both Camelot and the press have agreed to respect the wishes of the new winner. Such winners can opt for anonymity and the agreement ensures the administrators and the media stay quiet.

On balance it seems this was the right decision. Often it is not winning the jackpot that causes problems but rather the fame that can come with it. No doubt this latest winner is receiving advice as to how best to enjoy his good fortune without drawing attention to himself.

Presumably he is being told to not change him lifestyle too radically too soon and to take a holiday to get used to the new situation.

Here at we wish the very best of luck to the new lottery winner.

The UK Lottery Draw: Young Golfer Wins £100,000


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We all get excited every week when the British National Lottery numbers are drawn as we hope we will be the next UK lottery winner and scoop the jackpot. But we tend to forget that some of the lesser prizes can also change lives.

Take the example of Shaun Saunders from Braunton in Devon.

Shaun is a keen amateur golfer and thought his luck was all bad when he recently lost out on a £18,000 Mini as a prize in a Sports Foundation Day at his local club. The car was available for the player who achieved a hole-in-one when Shaun teed off on the 17th. His ball flew straight into the hole – and bounced out again.

That same day however, Shaun, with his wife, Laura, bought a lottery Scratchcard from a convenience store on the way home. They were astonished to find they had won £100,000 from the British National Lottery. “Laura and I were in complete shock when we realised we had won the prize,” Shaun said, “We still are to be honest.”

The disappointment of the golfing loss was soon forgotten and the couple are now planning what to do with the money. They currently live in a flat but are now planning to buy a new house with a garden and entertain their friends.

Shaun works as an Assistant Manager at the Saunton Sands Hotel, where Laura is also the Bar Manager. They met at the hotel and they married there too.

Shaun told reporters, “Things like this don’t happen to people around here very often so we will definitely be making the most of it and celebrating.”

Another happy couple courtesy of the British National Lottery.

Latest Lottery News: The Sad End Of An Illinois Winner


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A winner of a global international lottery usually looks forward to a better future, especially if they take the advice generally available from lottery administrators. The latest lottery news however has thrown up a sad situation in Illinois.

In June 2012, 46-year-old Urooj Khan had travelled to Saudi Arabia on a pilgrimage and, on his return, vowed never to gamble again. But he could not resist one last lottery ticket, which he bought at his local 7-Eleven convenience store. It was a scratch card and he immediately revealed his win in front of the store employee.

Mr. Khan was astonished to find he had won $600,000. Store employee Ashur Oshana told an Associated Press reporter, “He kissed my hand and gave me $100. He was really happy.”

After taxes, Mr. Khan received a cheque from the global international lottery for $425,000 at an Illinois Lottery ceremony soon after. An owner of a small chain of dry cleaner stores, he announced he would put some of the money into his business and some to a children’s hospital.

The cheque for the money was issued on 19 July and was cashed on 15 August 2012. Sadly, Mr. Khan did not enjoy the money: he died on 20 July, the day after receiving the cheque.

The initial cause of death was deemed to be natural but, in a twist worthy of Agatha Christie, a relative put the findings in doubt. A second autopsy was carried out and it was revealed the winner of the global international lottery had died of cyanide poisoning.

Police have now launched a new investigation and are likely to exhume Mr. Khan’s body. Lottery winnings in Illinois normally pass to the relatives.

Perhaps another good reason to keep quiet about a lottery win!

We will try to follow this story in later latest lottery news.

Young Sussex Man Is A UK Lottery Winner

Being young these days brings with it more and more challenges with student debts, pressure to buy expensive products and the difficulty in buying a home but one young man from Brighton has solved the problem by becoming a UK lottery winner.

Computer programmer Alex Wheatley, who lives with his parents and sister, regularly plays the UK lottery draw but only plays theEuromillions prize draw when the jackpot rolls over. He bought a ticket for the Olympic celebration draw on Friday 27 July 2012 as the jackpot had built to an exciting £118 million. Playing online, he noted he had £6 in credit so he used that to buy three Euromillions prize drawtickets.

He tends to forget that he has bought the tickets so it was Sunday evening before he remembered to check the winning numbers. There was a message about a win on his tablet but he was not worried, as he has won between £2.60 and £10 before. He investigated further and found he had not only recovered his £6 stake but that he was one of 100 Millionaire Raffle winners on Friday.

Not believing what he saw, Alex double checked on his laptop and then calmly walked into the living room where his parents were watching television and said, “I don’t want to jump the gun but I think I’m a millionaire!”

Family and friends all helped him celebrate the win that evening and a few tears were shed.

Like so many winners, Alex is very sensible about being a UK lottery winner and happily went back into work the next day. Oddly he was thinking of asking for a pay rise! He is quite content about staying at work but, not surprisingly, a house is top of his shopping list. Alex has also promised to pay off his parents mortgage and his sister will move into the house with him.

Winning the Euromillions prize draw has set Alex Wheatley up nicely for life.

Latest Lottery News: Authorities Cracking Down On Jamaican Lottery Scams

It is quite common for anyone online to receive a scammers email purporting to be from a global international lottery claiming the recipient has won a top prize. Of course, as previously explained on this site, if you have not already joined a lottery, you are not going to win anything. Nonetheless millions of pounds or dollars are being conned out of innocent people every year.

The country of Nigeria has always been considered to be the usual source of a scammers email although Canada has also been discovered as the origin of such scams. In recent years however a new country has started to produce such emails, letters or telephone calls: Jamaica.

Under pressure from the American government, the Jamaican authorities have begun a crackdown on the scammers and their findings are not far short of astonishing.

The Jamaican Observer newspaper reports that those who send a scammers email are racking in millions of dollars every week. They earn so much money that they simply waste it away in ridiculous ways such as washing cars in champagne. Almost anyone can earn in excess of US$120,000 using a mobile phone and a list of leads freely available from large corporations. Such lists provide personal details the victims would be horrified to know are being shared.

The scams grew massively five years ago after a Government crackdown on the drugs trade. One scammer was reported to have earned in excess of $800 million but was murdered in a row over the money. There seems little doubt that the lottery scams finance serious crime.

During the year 2010, it is estimated that scammers raised US$30 million from victims in the state of Minnesota alone. One lady in Florida sent $400,000 to a Jamaican criminal.

As so much money is involved, it should come as no surprise that government officials are implicated. In July two were arrested as part of the investigation – one was the mayor of Montego Bay, where many of the call centres are located. Fortunately this indicates that action is being taken against those who send the scammers email or make illicit telephone calls. Even so, the Jamaican Labour Party has criticised the Government for not doing enough to eradicate the problem.

The Opposition leader, Andrew Holness condemned a rise in killings linked to the crime and the lack of action on the part of the Government in implementing anti-crime legislation.

All this activity in Jamaica just goes to prove that we must all stay vigilant against any scammers email or telephone call. Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is not true.

Please do not fall victim to a scammers email, letter or telephone call

Latest Lottery News: Lottery Winners Sponsor Sports Hopeful

Winners of lotteries such as the Euromillions prize draw and the UK lottery draw are proving that they can be responsible and help other people change their lives just as their good fortune has changed theirs.

The best example of this are Chris and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire who, you may recall won a £161 million Euromillions prize draw jackpot in July of last year.

At the time of their win, the couple were pretty conservative with their plans but subsequently they began to come up with more definite ideas. One use they found for their fortune was to donate £1 million of their Euromillions prize draw money to the Scottish National Party. They also decided to buy cars for themselves and for friends and buy a new house.

Since that time the couple have also started to sponsor young sports hopefuls. Robbie Mason, also from Ayrshire, started riding in showjumping events only four years ago but has already represented Scotland and has won medals.

His father heard of the Weirs’ generosity and wrote them a letter. The couple rang him back quickly and offered £100,000. The Masons were astonished but very excited too.

Robbie is 14 years old and he used the money to buy a new pony and a new lorry. Where once Robbie had to travel with the horses, they can all travel in comfort. As Robbie said, “This money really has changed our lives.”

Chris and Colin Weir have really shown that a lot of good can be done with money won from the Euromillions prize draw.

See more on this story on the Horse and Country TV website.

The British National Lottery Results For Wednesday 1 August 2012

The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for last night, Wednesday 1 August 2012, were as follows:

13 – 20 – 24 – 27 – 33 – 39 Bonus: 06

The jackpot of £2,306,611 was won by a single lucky player.

Another 261,384 players won prizes ranging from £10 to £78,858. Total prize money was £4,607,594.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw on Saturday 4 August 2012 currently stands at £4,000,000.

Eurolottery Results For Tuesday 31 July 2012

The results of the Euromillions prize draw for last night, Tuesday 31 July 2012, were as follows:

04 – 29 – 35 – 36 – 39 Lucky Stars: 08 – 09

Millionaire Raffle:


Once again the £123,419,567 jackpot was not won and the money will roll over to the next draw.

There was of course a Millionaire Raffle winner and another 3,399,313 players won lesser prizes ranging from £3.30 to £281,708.10.

The jackpot of the next Euromillions prize draw on Friday 3 August 2012 presently stand at £138,000,000.

Please Note: Several of the Millionaire Raffle winners from last Friday have not claimed their prizes yet. Please check the results here to see if you are one of them.

The British National Lottery Results For Saturday 28 July 2012

The results of the UK lottery draw (the Lotto) for last night, Saturday 28 July 2012, were:

07 – 10 – 22 – 29 – 43 – 44 Bonus: 26

The jackpot of £3,584,982 was shared by three winners – each received £1,194,994.

Another 613,567 players won prizes ranging from £10 to £55,153.

The jackpot for the next UK lottery draw on Wednesday 1 August 2012 currently stands at £2,200,000.

Eurolottery Results For Friday 27 July 2012

The results of the Euromillions prize draw for Friday 27 July 2012 were:

14 – 15 – 21 – 23 – 48 Lucky Stars: 02 – 10

Millionaire Raffle:



And again the £110,973,507 jackpot rolled over and will add to the total for the next draw.

An amazing 7,281,775 players won other prizes varying from £2.80 to £200,339.90.

The jackpot of the next Euromillions prize draw on Tuesday 31 July 2012 currently stands at £119,000,000.