Big Winners in US Lottery Latest News

The lottery latest news has brought two interesting stories from America this week. Clearly the Mega Millions and PowerBall lotteries are worth playing.

The first item of lottery latest news comes from the organizers of the Mega Millions draw. According to a press release, the draw is undergoing some changes in October this year; the success of the lottery means moves are underway to increase the number of winners in each prize draw.

The costs of each ticket will remain at $1 but the minimum jackpot will rise from $12 million to $15 million and the weekly rollover will increase by at least $5 million if there are no winners. There will also be changes to the number of balls used in the draw, which means the chances of winning a prize will increase to one in fifteen.

Triangular View of Person Filling PowerBall Lottery Form

At the same time, in the lottery latest news, a massive jackpot has been drawn in the Powerball draw. On Thursday 8 August 2013 a jackpot of no less than $448 million was drawn.

Three tickets shared this vast sum and as yet one still remains unclaimed.

One of the winners, Paul White, a project engineer from Ham Lake, Minnesota, used to be criticized by his family for playing the lottery but now he has $58.3 million (after taxes) in his bank account, it seems they may change their tune. Paul told reporters “I’ve totally been waiting for this day my entire life.”

The divorced father of two has already employed a lawyer and financial advisor and is looking forward to making previous daydreams reality.

The lottery latest news shows that both the other tickets were sold in New Jersey, the first time in 20 years that two jackpot tickets were sold in the same state, and one was divided between a syndicate of county employees in a maintenance garage.

The 16 Orange County workers waved a replica cheque for $86 million (before taxes) at a press reception and told reporters they were “very happy, happy, happy.”

The area had recently been devastated by Hurricane Sandy so the money is particularly welcome in a community trying to rebuild; one of the winners indeed lost her home to the storm.

Each member of the syndicate will receive $3.8 million (after taxes) and one member, Barbara Jo Riivald, found the win particularly significant as her father had drawn up the legislation creating the state lottery programme.

The group is pretty close-knit and only one is considering leaving work. The lady who lost her home in the storm, Darlene Riccio, told the press conference “It has been an extremely tough year, but when we lost everything, this whole group really pulled together and helped me through.”

We wish all the winners the very best for the future and look forward to hearing more about their good fortune in more lottery latest news.

Exploring the Four Types of Lottery Games in the U.S


A Hand Holding Four Megamillions Lottery Tickets

Most of those who wish for a financial miracle, are looking towards state administered lotteries with confidence and hope that one day they will get lucky. In the absence of a national lottery, there are 43 distinct lotteries managed by various states and also a handful of multiple state lotteries. This means that there are plenty of opportunities for those who feel lucky, especially with no limitations being in place for people who reside in a different state than the one in which they intend to play the lottery.
The three types of number games
There are over 200 lottery games played throughout the United States, but they can be grouped in four categories and three of them are number games. One number games imply the fact that the player selects one number that has three, four and recently five digits, and then choose whether he intends to play this as a straight or a box. For the straight to be a winner the exact number needs to come, while the box will reward the player even if the digits come in a different order.
Multi-number games can be with one or two sets of numbers ranging from 1 to a certain value that is predefined, and the payouts depend on how many numbers are correctly predicted. The order in which the chosen numbers come doesn’t matter but it is difficult enough to predict all six numbers and that’s why the prizes are so generous. Among those with two sets of numbers, games such as Powerball or Mega Millions are very popular due to the huge rewards. The odds for someone to win in either of these games are dismal, but this doesn’t prevent fun seeking individuals from playing week after week. More over there are four types of games ran by state administered lotteries in the United States to learn more about them visit and participate in amazing lotteries from all around the world.
Keno type and other lottery games
Keno games are very popular throughout the United States and their resemblance with multi-number games is uncanny. The difference resides in the fact that the player chooses 10 numbers that range between 1 and 82 and twice as more numbers than the player selects are being drawn. This means that in a regular Keno game 20 numbers are drawn and once again the payouts vary depending on how many numbers one can predict.
Some states have their own games that resemble a more or less conventional lottery game, and the Kicker is one of those who don’t stray too far from traditional lotteries. In this case the difference is that the players are purchasing cards that have prearranged numbers, otherwise the rules stay the same. Last but not least there are states like California that run horse racing games such as the Daily Derby.

New Zealand Lottery Winner Stays Anonymous

Three Ferraris in New York

After several days of speculation, the winner of New Zealand’s Christmas Powerball lucky lottery has finally come forward.

The newest lottery winner has elected to stay anonymous after winning a cool $13 million in the draw on Christmas Day.

The lottery ticket which won it’s purchaser $12 991 369 was bought in Takapuna on Auckland’s North Shore. Although the lucky lottery player has a right to privacy it is known he is retired and bought the lottery ticket following a small win on a sporting bet. He felt his luck was good and so it seems.

He found out about his good fortune on Boxing Day and had a special meal to celebrate. Lucky lottery winners find unusual places to hide the winning lottery ticket and this gentleman was no exception. As the news had set his heart racing, he tucked the ticket into his heart monitor!

He is quoted as saying, “”I just felt numb, and then felt my heart racing, it was hard to believe that I had the winning ticket in my wallet.”

Local companies and charities will apparently see some of the money but this lottery winner is looking to pay off his mortgage and help members of his family. He is especially keen to help emerging athletes.

It is clear this lottery winner may be thinking about a new car too. “There is a Ferrari dealership not far from the Lotteries office, so I might go and visit them today,” he said.

Lottery tickets for the New Zealand Powerball draw are available online at the Lotter website, along with those of more than 50 other lotteries.

Powerball Lottery – The Power To Change Lives

Snorkeller and Fish on Great Barrier Reef

Every Thursday evening the Australian Powerball lucky lottery is drawn at 20.40 local time, live on Queensland’s Channel 7 television.

The first prize lottery winner (termed the first division prize) will win a  guaranteed Aus$3 million but this can increase with the largest single payout recorded at Aus$80 million.  Last week one couple won Aus$10 million with their lucky lottery ticket.

To play you simply choose five out of 45 numbers on your lottery ticket and then select a single ‘Powerball’ number from the last panel, also of 45 numbers. You can take advantage of the ‘Quickpick’ option when your numbers are randomly selected for you: this is especially useful if you are like me and unable to decide on the numbers you want for your lottery ticket!

To be a lucky lottery winner of the first division payout the chances stand at 1 in 54 979 156, however, as with most lotteries, there are many lower prizes available for lucky lottery players.  The odds of your lottery ticket winning one of the sixth or seventh division prizes for example are 1 in 160 and 1 in 556 respectively.

This week’s Powerball jackpot presently stands at Aus$10 million. To find out more about the Powerball lucky lottery, go to the official website.

The Australian Powerball lucky lottery can be played from the Lotter.