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Lotteries have been around for as long as human society have had things of value to give away. For most of history, those interested in trading a few bucks for the shot at a valuable prize or an instant fortune, were constrained by geography. They could only play the lotteries that occurred in their particular areas. This changed when the innovation of the internet came into being. This gave anybody sitting at their kitchen table or desk the ability to travel the world without needing a passport or luggage. With the internet came Thanks to this site, lotto players from across the globe can participate not only in their local games but in lotteries from across the globe.

Thanks to the global reach of, a lottery fan from London England can participate in and possibly win a Powerball or Mega-Millions jackpot in the United States. To use this service to purchase lottery tickets, players simply need to establish an account and then start purchasing tickets. The site is extremely user friendly and creating an account at is no more difficult then creating an account at or any other such online service. Once a player has created an account, they can then partake in all the services offered by

The beauty of the is that many lotteries restrict participation to their particular region., utilizing a large network of agents that are spread out in all of the hottest lotto areas, can get around such regulations, and allow anybody to participate in any lottery offered on TheLotter site. In short, the geographical constraints set up by a lottery’s organizers have been made irrelevant.

While buying tickets online is a convenience, there are a lot of people who would be nervous without actually having a ticket in their possession. Seeing as the ticket needs to be available in the territory that a lottery is being held, sending tickets to those who purchase them is not practical. To make their customers feel more comfortable, makes a scan of the ticket available online. Players can view their purchases by simply logging into their accounts.

It is inevitable that somebody is going to win in a lottery. Many of these winners have been folks who have bought their tickets using To this point players from TheLotter have won over seventeen million dollars. Those who wish to track their progress after buying a ticket can do so in a couple of ways from They can either check the site and keep themselves abreast of the winning numbers, or they can have inform them when they have won. A nifty little service that they offer is to have an SMS message sent out to a player’s mobile devise to announce that the person has won.

Overall, is a great service for buying lottery tickets. The site is user friendly, and laden with features that will help players make the most of their experience. The customer service people are knowledgeable and friendly, and the reach of the site itself is global. Lotto fans will love this site.

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