The Hungarian Global International Lottery


Parliament Building And River Danube Budapest Hungary

Interest in the British National Lottery, the Euromillions prize draw and the Mega Millions draws has lead to a renewed interest in many other world lotteries.

The Hungarian lottery draw is one such global international lottery worth investigating. A lottery has actually been in existence in the country since 1763 when the first draws were held in Buda and Bratislava.

Since that time, many players have benefited from the prizes given out by this global international lottery.

The player selects six numbers from 1 to 45 and, as in other lotteries, a jackpot is paid out for matching all six numbers with those drawn on a Sunday evening. Lesser prizes are awarded for matching three, four and five numbers too.

In the last Hatoslottó draw, on Sunday 17 February 2013, for example, there was no jackpot winner but a player did win 281,700 Hungarian Forints ($1269.29 or £832.42) for matching 5 numbers. As in other draws, the jackpot will roll over to next Sunday’s draw.

Indeed, the Hatoslottó jackpot has been rolling over for the last few weeks and now totals Ft 685 million (over £2 million or $3 million).

The oldest lottery in Hungary is in fact the Ötöslottó draw, where the player matches five from a range of ninety numbers to win the jackpot. At present, the jackpot for this draw stands at Ft 730 million. The draw for this lottery takes place every Saturday.

The payouts may not seem particularly large but in 2009 a 15-man police force resigned after winning the equivalent of more than £10 million in the Hungarian lottery. Equally another anonymous winner won around £15 million in 2003, so the money is there to be won.

Playing a global international lottery like this can be exciting and you can choose from a wide range of up to 47 such draws on to make the whole experience even more enjoyable.